With many of its major competitors like Microsoft and Google racing ahead, Amazon just announced that it is investing heavily in Large Language Models (LLMs) and Generative AI. That’s according to the company’s latest annual letter to shareholders, written by Amazon CEO and President Andy Jassy.

“We’re investing heavily is Large Language Models (“LLMs”) and Generative AI,” Jassy wrote. “We have been working on our own LLMs for a while now, believe it will transform and improve virtually every customer experience, and will continue to invest substantially in these models across all of our consumer, seller, brand, and creator experiences”.

According to Nvidia, an LLM is “a deep learning algorithm that can recognize, summarize, translate, predict and generate text and other content based on knowledge gained from massive datasets”.

Generative AI, meanwhile, is a form of AI that creates brand new content, be that text, images or even code, based on data sets on which the AI has been trained on.

Generative AI has created huge excitement in recent months following OpenAI’s release of a highly successful generative AI chatbot called ChatGPT.

ChatGPT became the fastest application in history to reach 100 million users, blowing users away with its advanced abilities to process information and generate human-like content.

Microsoft recently invested billions of dollars into ChatGPT.

Amazon’s CEO is hugely bullish on LLMs and Generative AI. I could write an entire letter on LLMs and Generative AI as I think they will be that transformative, but I’ll leave that for a future letter… Let’s just say that LLMs and Generative AI are going to be a big deal for customers, our shareholders, and Amazon,” he said.

Amazon Enters Generative AI Race With Bedrock

Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced in a separate blog post that it is launching Amazon Bedrock, “a new service for building and scaling generative AI applications, which are applications that can generate text, images, audio, and synthetic data in response to prompts”.

Unlike ChatGPT, which is publicly available, Bedrock will be made available only for AWS customers.

“Amazon Bedrock gives customers easy access to foundation models (FMs)—those ultra-large ML models that generative AI relies on—from the top AI startup model providers, including AI21, Anthropic, and Stability AI, and exclusive access to the Titan family of foundation models developed by AWS,” the blog explained.

However, Amazon Web Services announced that it would also be launching a free to use AI-powered coding companion for software developers called Amazon CodeWhisperer.

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