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Amazon just announced the release of several new products during its accustomed September event. The selection of devices that the e-commerce giant has just made available includes a QLED Fire TV, four new models of its Echo product line, and the Kindle Scribe.

The company founded by Jeff Bezos announced the launch of all of these products during its invite-only virtual event and its anticipation for its second annual Prime Day, called the Prime Early Access Sale, which is scheduled to start on 11 October and will last two days.

The Amazon Fire TV Omni Series is the new line of QLED TVs launched by the company. They come in two sizes, 65” and 75”, and their price starts at $799.99. As usual, the devices are powered by the e-commerce company’s flagship operating system Fire and customers can already pre-order theirs.

The next big announcement is the launch of a new Kindle device called the Kindle Scribe. This product incorporates a brand new feature that is not available in previous versions – users can write directly on the screen by using a special pen that comes with the tablet.

The new Kindle features a 10.2” screen and can be used to read any of Amazon’s e-Books along with user-downloaded PDFs and other similar documents. The price of this new device starts at $339.99 and it is available for pre-order at moment. Amazon (AMZN) has assured that the product will be shipped just in time for the holidays.

Four New Echo Models Will Soon Be Available

A total of four new models of the Echo product line were unveiled during the event. These were the Echo Dot & Echo Dot with Clock, Eco Dot Kids, the Echo Dot Studio, and the Echo Auto.

The devices’ bass was reportedly improved according to Amazon and they now come with a room temperature sensor that may allow the system to automatically start a smart fan if instructed to do so.

Meanwhile, the Kids version of the Echo comes with a free one-year subscription to Amazon Kids+ and comes in two different designs shaped like an owl and a dragon. Finally, the Echo Studio is the high-end version of the product. It comes with enhanced audio processing technology for better sound.

The price of the devices will start at $49.99 with the Echo Studio being the most expensive item on the product line at $199.99 per unit.

Amazon Acquires iRobot as It Keeps Expanding Portfolio of Smart-Home Products

Back in August this year, Amazon made a surprising move that involved the acquisition of iRobot (IRBT) – the company that manufactures the popular Roomba autonomous vacuums – for $1.7 billion in an all-cash transaction.

The company continues to expand its footprint in the smart home market with this acquisition as iRobot’s products come to join other acquired brands such as Ring, a business it acquired for $1 billion just 4 years ago, and Blink, a manufacturer of security cameras that was acquired by the e-commerce giant in 2019 for just $90 million.

However, this latest acquisition has raised eyebrows among regulators as Amazon is reportedly being investigated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for the iRobot acquisition, a report from Politico revealed earlier this month.

The smart home market is reportedly worth over $100 billion and Amazon would become the indisputable dominant force in it if the acquisition of iRobot is completed, consumer protection groups have argued.

Moreover, these groups have emphasized their concern about how Amazon will use the information gathered by iRobot’s products for the benefit of its e-commerce business as the devices can store and share the layout of hundreds of thousands of homes in America. This kind of data could help Amazon in refining its product recommendations to consumers to increase conversion rates.

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