Waymo, an autonomous driving tech firm behind the popular driverless-car business, has laid off some of its staff, citing company restructuring and heavy spending control. The tech firm aims to invest more in the nascent artificial intelligence sector.

Waymo Cuts Its Staff, Aims to Focus On AI

In a March 2 announcement, the driverless-car business confirmed slashing its workforce to control internal spending. The firm has also done away with some engineering roles to balance its workforce.

Founded in 2009, Waymo is an autonomous driving technology renowned for operating a fleet of driverless cars with a mission to make it safe and easy for people and things to move around. It’s a subsidiary of popular tech giant Alphabet Inc.

Under the recent reduction, the tech company plans to focus more on artificial intelligence (AI). Artificial intelligence is a rapidly growing tech allowing the firm to utilize machines to simulate human intelligence processes.

It’s not the first time Waymo will be rebalancing its workforce. Last year, the tech company cut dozens of staff following a large-scale workforce reduction initiative launched by its parent company, Alphabet.

Alphabet Continues To Slash Its Workforce

Since the start of the year, Alphabet, the parent company of Google and YouTube, has sacked more than 200 staff from Waymo. The layoff at Waymo alone is estimated at 8%.

The tech behemoth also sacked over 240 staff at Venly, its life-science unit, and Intrinsic, an industrial robotic venture. Moreover, Alphabet claimed another 120 jobs at Area, its digital incubator for new initiatives.

Waymo joins a growing list of tech companies that have downsized their workforce in recent months. Last year, the social media company Meta slashed more than 11,000 employees as it grappled with soaring costs and a weak advertising market.

In November 2022, Twitter Inc laid off more than 3,700 staff in a cost-cutting measure imposed by its boss Elon Musk, who had acquired the tech firm at the time. Last week, Twitter laid off more than 200 staff.

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