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In the digital age, journalism faces numerous challenges, and the rise of the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in media presents both potential solutions and new problems.

OpenAI’s partnership with the American Journalism Project (AJP) emerges with the aim to revitalize local journalism by leveraging the power of AI. However, tackling concerns related to data privacy, bias, and misinformation remains a pressing issue in the AI landscape.

AI in Media: A New Era with the OpenAI and AJP Partnership

OpenAI, the firm behind ChatGPT, is supporting the AJP to refresh local journalism. This partnership aligns with both OpenAI’s mission to see AI benefit humanity and AJP’s commitment to local journalism as a democratic pillar.

AI promises to boost local news. In 2021, according to data from Statista, almost half (40%) of industry leaders agreed that AI would be crucial in 2022 newsrooms in providing tailored content recommendations. A similar share (38%) found AI’s commercial applications, like improved propensity-to-pay models, very important.


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But AI models like ChatGPT come with challenges: such as misinformation, bias, privacy, and copyright issues. In fact, a recent survey conducted in February 2023 highlighted the American public’s concerns about AI-related matters:

    • Personal data privacy was a major issue, with 74% expressing concern.
    • The use of AI by foreign powers against US interests and the spread of misinformation via AI were next, both at 70%.
    • Misinformation in AI-enabled search results and deepfake creation worried 68%.
    • Job losses across industries due to AI concerned 66%.
    • The possibility of AI applications functioning independently and children’s access to AI made 64% anxious.

Find more statistics at Statista


These concerns underscore the need to tackle challenges head-on when using AI in media like journalism. OpenAI and AJP’s joint venture will need to address these while building public trust in AI-integrated journalism.

Strengthening Journalism with AI: OpenAI’s Investment and AJP’s Initiatives

OpenAI has pledged $5 million and API credits worth up to the same amount to AJP. This move aims to develop AI tech to bolster quality journalism and counter false information. Such support will aid AJP in deploying AI technologies in their grantee organizations.

OpenAI’s funding will be used by AJP and its partners for various AI applications:

  • Creating a Technology and AI Studio: A team will be formed to examine AI applications in local news, such as the use of AI writer tools. It will coach AJP organizations and collaborate with OpenAI and other AI vendors. The studio will also create a learning community to share insights and best practices.
  • Investing in Pilot Runs: Grants will be given to about ten organizations for AI experimentation. The outcomes will guide the broader local news sector on the effective use of AI tools.
  • OpenAI API Credits: In addition to the $5 million funding, OpenAI will offer up to $5 million in API credits. This will allow AJP and its partners to develop and use AI-powered tools, further integrating AI in media.

Reviving Journalism Trust: OpenAI and AJP’s Quest with AI in Media

The AJP-OpenAI partnership is more than a belief in AI enhancing work and benefiting all. It’s a promise to a deeper cause — reviving local journalism. OpenAI’s commitment to boost local journalism and build healthier local information ecosystems is evident in this initiative.

“This collaboration underscores our mission and belief that AI should benefit everyone and be used as a tool to enhance work,” – Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI.

The partnership is a hopeful path to restoring the vital role of local journalism in democratic societies. Founded in 2019, AJP stands firm that robust journalism is crucial for a thriving democracy. Local news maintains public engagement and the flow of information, while upholding civic life. The decline of local news in the digital age has had clear societal impacts, such as reducing residents’ abilities to hold leaders accountable and engage with their communities.

In fact, public trust in journalism is at a critical low in the US in 2022. The US ranked mid-level in trust in journalists, tying with Denmark and Poland at 24%. This implies that not even a quarter of respondents from the US expressed trust in journalists, which is significantly lower than the top-ranking countries.


AI in media: share of adults in the United States who were concerned about issues related to artificial intelligence (AI) as of February 2023

Source: Statista


OpenAI and AJP’s alliance is not just about tech advancement. It’s about strengthening democracy and rebuilding public trust. It’s about creating healthier information ecosystems. AI in media can transform journalism, but it needs responsible and transparent use. This partnership makes significant steps towards this goal. It shows a commitment to face the challenges head-on. It’s not only about AI in media but also about shaping its use. It should respect privacy, combat false information, and benefit all.

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