Slack AI

Slack intends to AI at the center stage of user experience and would add a chatbot that would help users with things like adjusting message tone and assisting with writing.

Slack, which is owned by Salesforce intends to roll out the feature within the next year. The chatbot would be an in-app tool called Slack GPT which promises some interesting features.

For instance, users can ask the bot to take notes in a Slack group call – or summarize the message in a group.

Ali Rayl, Slack’s senior vice president of product, told CNBC “We’ve seen a ton of interest, honestly … We have so much information [that] we have a unique advantage here.”

She added, “All the messages your company has sent in all of your channels – that’s valuable … How can we take generative AI and make that more valuable to a company?”

Rayl added, “We are interested in going into this territory, but also the market is pulling us there regardless.”

Notably, multiple tech companies are investing in AI – realizing its potential as well as the fact that companies not having AI capabilities risk falling behind the curve.

At the Salesforce World Tour, Rob Seaman, Salesforce SVP of Product Management for Slack said, “We think Slack has a unique advantage when it comes to generative AI.”

Seaman added, “A lot of the institutional knowledge on every topic, team, work item and project is already in Slack through the messages, the files and the clips that are shared every day.”

Slack Pivots to AI and Would Add a Chatbot in a Year

Slack’s pivot to AI shows how quickly companies are turning to AI for aspects ranging from improving user experience – to cutting costs through automation – as well as increasing their revenues.

Unless you have been living under a rock, it is hard to miss daily headlines related to AI – whether it is companies announcing AI forays – or regulators contemplating how to regulate the emerging technology.

Faraday Future an electric vehicle startup that is otherwise struggling to deliver cars also announced that it would add AI to its cars.

Meanwhile, even as AI continues to make waves globally – there are risks too – and Samsung banned the use of generative AI tools like ChatGPT on company-owned devices after some staff allegedly uploaded sensitive data on ChatGPT.

AI is the Hottest Theme in Tech Industry

Reportedly, JPMorgan Chase restricted employees from using ChatGPT while Amazon warned employees against uploading confidential information.

That said, Amazon is itself working on generative AI even as it is admittedly late to the party.

Tech companies see a massive opportunity in generative AI– so do investors who have been pouring money into companies that are seen as a play on the industry.

Nvidia is a case in point and the stock is the best-performing S&P 500 stock this year – at least in part because markets see its chips as key to the AI ecosystem.

Salesforce stock is meanwhile trading flat today after Slack announced its AI pivot. The wider US markets are in the red though on fears of bank contagion.

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