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The Apple Vision Pro augmented reality (AR) headset will launch with Disney + available at launch. Disney’s CEO Bob Iger himself came on stage during Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) to make the announcement.

The headset is the tech giant’s latest attempt to revolutionize the world of personal devices and VR streaming is only one part of that plan.

While the Vision Pro headset’s release is almost certainly not going to be as much of a paradigm shift as the launch of the iPhone, it could easily leave a lasting impression on the world.

Unlike the iPhone when it launched, there are other devices in the same realm as the Vision Pro headset. However, these devices such as the Steam Index or the Meta Quest 2 are mostly used for certain use cases like gaming.

Few VR fanatics actually use their headsets to do work, browse the internet, or stream movies, even though all of these things are possible with most top VR headsets. Apple wants to change that with its new incredible piece of hardware.

Apple’s impact on the market as well as its connections with major brands like Disney will also be major factors in its attempts to popularize augmented reality headsets.

What is the Point of Streaming With the Vision Pro Headset?

You may be wondering why anyone would want to pay $3,500 to watch TV on a headset instead of on a TV or mobile device and that’s a fantastic question. A vast majority of people won’t stream in AR, at least until Apple or a competitor puts out a much cheaper device with enough unique features.

Until then, there just aren’t enough benefits to watching with an augmented reality headset to outweigh the insane cost. Nevertheless, there will still be plenty of (wealthy) tech enthusiasts willing to shell out their cash for one of these incredible headsets.

The Vision Pro could be the first step to popularizing streaming and other general tasks in VR because it solves a few of the biggest problems with the technology.

Firstly, Apple built an entirely new operating system for the Vision Pro called VisionOS, which works together with the many sensors of the device as well as other devices in the Apple ecosystem to give users a much better experience than other VR headsets.

It also seems to be much lighter than many existing VR headsets, according to reports from The Verge and ZDNet. This should make it much more comfortable to use for long periods of time.

This is quite surprising because the device is made with brushed aluminum and is essentially an incredibly powerful computer wielding an M2 chip and all kinds of sensors.

Image Courtesy of Apple

Another massive problem that makes streaming unpopular in VR is that there just aren’t many shows or movies that are made for the new medium. Now that Apple is getting into the game, it will inspire media companies to start making new content for the device or altering existing content for a better AR experience.

Disney Aims to Be the First Major AR Streaming Innovator Using the Vision Pro

Disney seems to be the first major media company to do this. Iger said while on stage at WWDC that the Disney+ integration will help bring its users “deeply personal experiences” in “previously impossible ways.”

In his presentation, Iger gave a few examples of the things “they were dreaming up.” It showed the simulated display of the Vision Pro device scrolling through Disney + to its hit show The Mandalorian.

When selected it brought up a unique space-themed background and opened futuristic windows with extra information about the show’s characters, items, vehicles, and locations. It then showed how users could watch the show while in a virtual speeder on Tatooine.

Image Courtesy of Apple

It also showed off a few cool features for watching sports with the Vision Pro as well, like extra windows for statistics and animations during football games or courtside-view replays for the NBA.

This may not seem like it’s worth $3,500 and maybe it isn’t but it could be the impetus that starts a massive shift to AR and VR technology. However, Apple will need to step up its game even more in the future to make it cheaper and more enticing for the general public first.

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