Last year Evernote, the trusted software in note taking and archiving, made its presence in China with the launch of Yinxiang Biji – a dedicated service for Chinese users that completely ran independent of Evernote. A year later Evernote’s CEO Phil Libin announced yesterday during his talk at the Global Mobile Internet Conference in Beijing that the service has crossed 4 million registered users. Subsequently, he announced the launch of Evernote Business in China.


Speaking at the event, Libin considered the early entry of Evernote in China to be an advantage and pretty soon Evernote Business would be the productivity tool being used by a majority of Chinese companies. Evernote Business feature that targets the medium and small scale business wouldn’t be different in China. Though there would be a slight difference in costing as compared to US.

However, Libin made a point that cracking the Chinese market has been easier than the US since the western markets like US are still burdened by crappy enterprise software.

“The huge advantage in China, unlike the US, is that these companies aren’t burdened by 20 years of horrible IT decisions. They don’t have all this crappy enterprise software that they can’t get rid of,” said Libin.

Further in his talk, Libin shared his views on how important it was for them as an organization to provide better experience to Chinese companies as they did to US companies. He also informed the crowd present at the conference that the introduction of the dedicated Chinese version of Yinxiang Biji has been quite positive and with an addition of 4 million users, it has also grown its staff to 17 at Beijing office.

Considering the focus and the recent tie ups with businesses in the Asian market, I presume Evernote has big plans to be rolled out in future. The recent integration with the popular Korean messaging app Kakao Talk to save important notes and information is a clear indication of Evenote’s expansion plans in Asia.

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