Imagine being able to prop your tablet up in the kitchen while you’re baking and being able to flip through recipe pages simply by tapping on your counter. Or placing your tablet on your coffee table and allowing your little ones to play a multi-player video app without any of the children having to touch your tablet. No, you’re not fantasizing about life in the future or seeing life in an altered dimension. What you’re imagining is happening in real life; your new reality is XTouch.

Apps with XTouch technology allow users to interact with the app simply by touching a flat surface. With their smartphone or tablet laying on any flat surface, an individual simply taps the flat surface to create virtual buttons. Whether they want to create virtual buttons to engage with a music app or they want to create virtual buttons to flip cookbook pages while their hands are covered in flour, they can do so thanks to XTouch technology.

Two XTouch-enabled apps are currently available. Voodoo Tap Frogs lets you send your virtual frog leaping into the air to catch flies just by tapping on your table (try it at your next cocktail party and watch your guests wonder if you slipped a little something extra in their drinks). Magic Xylophone lets you play music on your kitchen table, coffee table, or even a picnic table at the cabin. Just imagine the fun your family can have by attempting to play songs together without Mom or Dad messing up the beat. (If you’re an app developer, you can sign up for release data on the upcoming software development kit).

For complete information on XTouch (started at University of Toronto’s mobile app lab), check out the XTouch website for further details. Me thinks we’ll be hearing plenty more about this innovative technology.