At the E3 2015, Microsoft has officially announced backwards compatibility, which will allow players to play Xbox 360 games on their new Xbox One console.

Those who purchased the new Xbox One console by Microsoft can look forward to a new-generation console that can match the performance of its predecessor, the Xbox 360, many times over. But, apart from the latest hardware and unmatched performance, players are also interested to find out whether or not the new console will be able to run old titles that were hits on Xbox 360. Well, it turns out they are in luck, because it will!

During their press conference at the E3 2015, Microsoft have announced, among other things, that Xbox One will be able to run the same games, thanks to backwards compatibility. Also, users can also look forward to DLC for Xbox 360 games, as well as online multiplayer, provided that the publishers decide to keep the gaming servers going. In addition to these, Xbox One players can also look forward to some other perks that are unique to the new console, such as in-game screenshots. It remains a mystery as to why backwards compatibility wasn’t included when the console was officially released, but nevertheless, this piece of news is most certainly welcome.

For those who are still unsure about upgrading to a new gaming platform, rest assured that Xbox One is definitely worth the money. Yet, despite Xbox One’s monster performance and obvious superiority over its predecessor, people are still interested in Xbox 360, which is not really surprising, if you take a closer look at it.

xbox 360

Although Xbox 360, which was launched back in 2005, has had its fair share of reliability issues and hardware failures, it went on to become the sixth-best-selling console of all time, with over 84 million units shifted. Even though it was not the best-selling console of its generation, it was hardly a flop, because, in addition to sales figures, it was the most influential gaming platform, thanks to Xbox Live multiplayer gaming and a large number of exclusive titles developed by first and third party developers.

Perhaps the biggest feat accomplished by Xbox 360 was that it established Microsoft as one of the major players in the console market, which is all the more impressive, seeing as its main competitor was the PS3.

But, apart from backwards compatibility, Microsoft will also need to fix the Xbox Live outage, which has been going on for several days now, with many Xbox One and Xbox 360 players demanding a refund from the company. It is perfectly normal for some of these services to come across a bug that will set it back a few hours, but Xbox Live has been down since August 18, with an increasing number of customers growing disgruntled with paying for the service they are not receiving.

It is fair to assume that Microsoft will address this issue very soon and keep its customers.