The man who designed the Xbox One and who founded Xbox live back on the original system, Boyd Multerer, has departed from Microsoft.

There is no official press release stating his reasons or intentions yet. The news came directly from a tweet he posted earlier today.

In an exchange with a curious fan and follower on Twitter, Multerer added the following:

Multerer is playing safe with his choice of words it seems. It’s always possible he could still be working with Microsoft to an extent, such as working with a third-party to bring games or accessories to the consoles. Although not necessarily related to the Xbox One or Xbox Live, Multerer added this to further our curiosity:

Multerer has been an integral part of Microsoft since 1994 when he started as a contractor before becoming a permanent member in 1997. He founded the team which created Xbox Live in 2000, and was the first person to be seen on the system’s online networking service when it finally launched in November 2002.

In 2004 Multerer left the Xbox Live development team to work on Microsoft’s team devoted to gaming consoles. That team was largely responsible for making consoles more accessible to independent developers through the XNA programming language. After that, he led the Xbox 360 OS teams and then finally moved on to being one of the head designers of the Xbox One’s architecture.

Sadly, there is no information available right now to say where he’s going for sure after this, or who will be replacing him moving forward. There has been a very mixed reaction with this followers on twitter regarding this news. Although his fans are saddened to see him leaving, most of them are wishing him the best in his future endeavors and will follow him the next stage in his career.

Image Credit GeekoftheWeek