Jolla Tablet was created by a determined team of engineers and put on Indiegogo to raise money so they could bring their vision to the masses, the world’s first crowdsourced tablet.

The crowdsourced tablet was created by Jolla which is an independent company that has a strong belief in innovation through collaboration. They have already previously launched a successful smartphone and created their own mobile operating system called Sailfish OS.

Jolla’s OS Sailfish is completely independent. The company says it is company policy to never sell or share their customers data and that there are no back doors or anything third parties could take advantage of to use for monitoring of your activity.

The crowdsourced tablet itself has a multitasking feature that shows all of your running apps in one view that it lets you easily switch between. What’s cool about this feature is that you can actually control apps from this few, such as changing your music or pressing pause on a video stream for example without opening the app in full view.

In addition to running its own native apps, the Sailfish OS also has the ability to run Android apps, so you can continue using your personal selection of Android apps including favorites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Jolla prides itself on listening to the community and has made a track record for implementing at least four out of the eight most voted features on their Jolla smartphone. They want to do something similar with the Jolla Tablet so they have opened a community forum to make that possible.

The Jolla tablet will start at 32GB with the option to expand its memory with a micro-SD card. It features a 330ppi display to match the resolution of the iPad Mini 3. Its expected retail price is $249 after the campaign ends but if you decide to grab it on Indiegogo now you can snatch it up for about $224 with shipping. There’s only a little under 300 devices left at that price.