Alcatel OneTouch will soon be launching a new generation of OS-agnostic PIXI smartphones which can support three different operating systems.

Alcatel’s PIXI 3 adds a unique twist to the smartphone history as the new PIXI 3 handsets will be compatible with- Firefox, Windows and Android Operating systems. This range of PIXI smartphones will come in 4 different sizes- 3.5’’, 4’’, 4.5’’ and 5’’- all of which will support 4G LTE except for the PIXI 3 (3.5’’) which will only allow a 3G data connection. The remaining hardware specifications are unknown so far but will be revealed soon when Alcatel exhibits the new phones on the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, from the 6th-9th of January.

The company has past experience with all three operating systems- Alcatel’s previous PIXI phone uses Android, its Fire phone uses Mozilla Firefox while the company’s POP 2 uses the Windows OS. This OS-Agnostic phone let’s buyers use the same operating system providing a means for easy cross-device integration across home, work and in transit.

“Our users don’t want complicated systems,” said Alcatel OneTouch Chief Marketing Officer Dan Dery in a press statement. “They want something familiar from their work environment in the office.”

Contrary to its main objectives, this integration of OS may turn out to be more complicated for some users while this flexibility and freedom may be considered as an asset by some. It is still being speculated how exactly the company intends to implement this in the PIXI smartphones.

This is a rather encouraging move in the smartphone industry which could perhaps culminate one day to a point where the handsets will be able to load multiple platforms right out of the box.

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