Microsoft’s huge event on Wednesday revealed that many users will be able to get Windows 10 free. Other major features were also announced, including Windows 10 for the Xbox One.

The tech giant wants to make the new operating system easier and cheaper for those currently using older versions. When Windows 10 officially launches, any device installed with Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows Phone 8 will be able to upgrade to the latest version for free.

There is a stipulation. The free upgrade is more of an extended free trial, lasting for an entire year. It’s unclear how the company will go about doing this and what the hardware requirements will be. Older devices running on 7 could run into problems, depending on how advanced the new software is.

Windows 10 will also be available on the Xbox One to open up more possibilities for sharing applications across different platforms and devices. Not many details were discussed on this new integration, but it will most likely be designed a lot different than the PC version, only utilizing features important to gaming. For example, users will be able to stream games to Windows 10 PCs, but they won’t be able to access Excel on the Xbox.

Along with the big news of making Windows 10 free for certain users, Microsoft demonstrated the operating system on tablets, which looks a lot like a normal computer desktop. This is aimed to make navigation even easier, especially with the touch screens.

Last month, Microsoft announced a new web browser they currently call Spartan. Very few details were released until Wednesday’s event. The major feature demonstrated was the note taking tool that allows friends, family, and colleagues to share notes with each other inside the browser.

Spartan allows you to take notes right on a web page, either by typing or using your finger if a touch screen is being used. That web page can then be shared via email, Facebook, or however you prefer. Check out this demonstration of Spartan.

Microsoft’s technical preview will go until the 15th of April, and should officially be available later this year. Pricing for those who cannot upgrade at no cost will be announced in the upcoming months.

Will you be downloading Windows 10 for free?

[PhotoCredit: Microsoft, The Verge

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