Citius – Altius – Fortius

Faster – Higher – Stronger

The Olympic motto is reflected in the growth of technology in today’s world. The algorithms of Facebook and Google have shifted the way we consume news and information. The rise of mobile phone networks and smartphones has transformed our connection to current events and other people.

In fact, things have changed so much, even in the last two years, that analysts are predicting that US Consumers will, as never before, look to their phones first for 2016 Olympic coverage.

Taped prime-time coverage, pre-recorded and available on TV networks, just isn’t enough anymore. Viewers want live action, full coverage of the events they’re interested in, and accessibility outside of their homes. Luckily, technology has become faster, higher, and stronger. Now, those things are possible.

TV networks often delay airing of Olympic events that will be popular, so that they can increase their viewership during prime time. Particularly during the Sochi Olympics of 2014, this practice created many complaints about spoilers – U.S. viewers already knew who had won events by the time they showed on TV.

Rio’s time zone will help prevent some of the spoiler complaints from the United States, but analysts anticipate that immediacy of information delivered on mobile devices will continue to disrupt the viewing experience televised during primetime hours.

Luckily for interested and obsessed viewers, the internet will provide live viewing opportunities for every event, and access to mobile devices will make these events available wherever viewers may be.

Because technology has become faster, higher, and stronger, so can the viewer experience.

Has your customer experience done the same? Just as Olympic athletes spend hours each day training, does your company use its CX program effectively to deliver updates in real-time to frontline employees who can act on them? Has your company improved its onboarding and frontline preparation practices?

Are you delivering custom, tailored content that is relevant to individual stakeholders in your organization, like Olympic organizers for each country arrange for individually tailored, matching outfits for their athletes to wear in the opening ceremony?

205 National Olympic Committees have qualified athletes to compete in the 2016 Olympics. Does your CX program work across departments to deliver an insightful summary across feedback channels that keeps your primetime presentation relevant to your core audience as well as these committees work together to keep events going?

As mobile networks have expanded to provide Olympics coverage to customers across the world, does your company watch all of its channels of customer feedback?

Coaches for Olympic athletes have dedicated years to improving their knowledge and expertise, so that they can help their athletes go for the gold. Are you working with a CX company that is qualified to help you achieve customer experience gold?

Every CX program should be striving to live up to the Olympic motto, becoming faster, higher, and stronger.