Thermal printer sales have been facing major challenges in the past decade, post inception of the RFID tagging concept. High convenience and reliable password protection make RFID tagging technology a preferred one among manufacturers for packaging a diverse range of products; however, while RFID tags are experiencing wide penetration especially on barcodes due to their capability of tracking products remotely, they are pulling down the sales of thermal printers. The sales scenario of thermal printers can still be hopeful, attributed to growing demand for ticket, barcode, and receipt printing.

By this year’s end, the global revenue of thermal printer market is projected at around US$ 2.5 billion, through sales of over 3,800 thousand thermal printers.

Thermal printers are currently available in the market in two types – direct thermal printers and thermal transfer printers. While sales of latter are currently on a higher side, the former is identified to be holding excellent sales potential in near future. Direct thermal printer sales, predominantly dictated by mobile printers, are anticipated to encounter with attractive business opportunities in next few years. As mobile thermal printers are compact in size, convenient to use and carry, and economically priced, they will continue to witness high demand against industrial and desktop printers. Also, adoption rate of mobile printers will remain more prominent among wholesalers and retailers, owing to their high efficiency and performance.

Retailers are rapidly switching to mobile thermal transfer printers, in an effort to achieve high speed performance at minimal low maintenance. Moreover, consumers have started to prefer mobile printing services to reap benefits of high speed and cost efficiency. Grocery products, clothing and apparel, and food and beverages will especially generate growing demand for thermal printers, translating into robust sales. Other sectors, including organizations operating in healthcare and hospitality industry, and banking and finance sector, will also bring in attractive opportunities to market stakeholders.

Thermal Printing Businesses Supporting Market Growth

Development of standalone thermal printer that has extended storage capacity, has been a top priority for leading manufacturers dealing in thermal printers and printing services. These printers will efficiently perform dual functions – of a computer and a conventional printer. With such innovative printing solutions, businesses look forward to high efficiency in functioning, at reduced cost pressure. Another strategy expected to be on manufacturers’ minds, is upgrade-and-launch. Focusing on upgrading technology and launching new products more frequently, will possibly elevate the current sales scenario in thermal printer market. Ongoing R&D efforts directed to mobile printers also reflect a positive outlook.

All the insights and numbers have been sourced from a recent research study, in-depth excerpts for which can be found here.