It’s been a big day for Samsung. Actually, it’s been a big year.

According to mobile expert Ewan Spence, “Of the 292 million smartphones shipped in Q1 2016, Samsung accounted for 27.8 percent, almost double Apple’s 14.4 percent share.” A big part of Samsung’s jump ahead was the release of the Galaxy S7 and the S7 Edge, two devices fans were waiting on with bated breath.

Today, Samsung took another step forward in the market share war with Apple, announcing a number of new devices, including the much anticipated Galaxy Note 7.

As with any new major device launch, we’re always intrigued to look at the current market share data. Looking across just Samsung devices, it appears there is a big opportunity for the Note 7 to win the hearts and minds of Samsung loyalists, but it will have to make up a lot of ground against the Galaxy S series.


Currently, Galaxy Note series devices only make up 26% of the market share of Samsung devices. The Galaxy S5, S6 and S4 devices capture 51% of the total market. This equates to 3X the amount of users on all S series devices as compared to Note devices.

This is not that surprising, as “phablets” like the new Galaxy Note 7 are still rising in popularity versus traditional smartphones. Only time will tell if the new Note 7 and its cutting-edge features (iris scanner anyone?) will help the Note series rival the popularity of the S series in the long run.

Selfishly, it will also be interesting to see the long-term impact on app engagement with a larger screen device like the Galaxy Note 7. Our research has shown that users are spending 23% more time in apps on five inch or larger screens versus small screen devices. We can’t wait to see if this trend continues as more and more larger screen devices hit the market.

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