Businesses and people are sharing, storing, producing as well as streaming more content than before. Cisco forecasts that by the end of 2018, 78% of the workload will be processed by the data centers dedicated to cloud applications. With enhanced production as well as content distribution and popular usage of cloud applications as well as services, higher upload speeds are becoming a necessity.

When it comes to Wi-Fi, speed and reliability acquire value. A slow connection not just casts an impact on customer experience, but it also lowers the productivity of organizations. Internet services are crucial for daily operations as well as tasks like data file transfer, internal communications, inventory management as well as point of sales applications. In the absence proper connection, businesses will neither be able to provide the customers commendable service nor keep up with the speed of growth and innovation.


Moreover, the Internet of Things that allows several devices to communicate with each other through cloud and over the internet will place a higher value on the need of higher data transfer speed.

There are services that fit almost everything right from small offices with basic email and web browsing needs to MNCs with hundreds of employees transferring large amounts of data. To find the right solution for your agency, it is critical to identify the steps necessary in assessing business requirement.

How is your Business Making Use of Technology?

Analyzing the way your business is utilizing technology will help you choose the right internet speed. You may have only a few employees but if your business has complex technological needs like video conferencing, online payments or e-commerce, you will require a higher bandwidth connection.

Understanding the Download and the Upload Speed

Though the business leaders usually remain concerned about the speed at which the devices can pull data from the internet, that is the download speed, the upload speed can prove more significant for your daily needs. In case the connection is not as fast as expected, the daily tasks will be slow and inefficient. Let’s take a look at some scenarios illustrating the value of upload speed in business.

Real-Time Communication

A reliable connection with sufficient bandwidth is necessary for virtual communication with the partners, colleagues as well as clients. For example, you may be using a web or video conferencing setup. For ensuring commendable communication, you require necessary bandwidth.

Data Back Up

Cloud is in prominent use today to back up the important files and applications. According to a report, though businesses still use the external hard drives to backup data, most small and medium business setups have embraced cloud for offsite backup. Businesses that deal with finance or the production studios may need to deal with huge quantities of data. Fast download and upload speed can create a huge difference here. The speed will decide whether it will be possible to complete the backup within a few minutes or a few hours will be wasted.

Online Content Share

Most businesses need to deal with bandwidth-intensive data. It can be for publishing videos on their website or for streaming live events. Fast upload as well as download speed ensures smooth operation both if you want to view the content published by others or if you want to upload it for your business.

How Much Speed is Necessary?

How can a business determine the bandwidth speed needed? No doubt, you need to consider the number of employees, but this is certainly not the only concern. You need to consider how many of these employees travel regularly. What kind of file transfer capabilities is essential for them? Probably, the most significant part is: how your business is making use of cloud. Businesses taking advantage of a wide variety of cloud-based services to store and retrieve documents will require more bandwidth.

Here are a few categories of business that need more bandwidth.


The need for data transfer is high in this industry. Most health care centers use electronic medical records now; moreover, x-ray file and MRI scan transfers, as well as management of appointments need enormous bandwidth.

Information Intensive Service

Businesses like advertising and the creative agencies, financial firms, architectural firms and the law offices have varied bandwidth requirement. The architectural firms rely upon bandwidth intensive software as well as bigger file transfers. The creative agencies move significant amounts of data, including graphics files.


The consultancies and technology firms depend upon effective data movement for maximizing productivity. The hardware and software development teams, IT design firms and even the computer repair shops consume significant amounts of data.

Make sure to consider the upload speed while considering business connectivity requirement. Investing in upload and download speed has advantages that can be felt across several industries. Just make sure you have a rough idea of the bandwidth speed that you require to choose your plan better.