Future through the Lenses

Ask everyone what’s the technology that is spreading like wildfire and making lives easier than ever before. The answer will be unanimous – it’s Wi-Fi. And that’s surely true. Wi-Fi is everywhere these days. From shopping malls to small retail stores, from large hotels to roadside restaurants, almost everyone is offering Wi-Fi to the customers. And these are benefitting the business to a great extent.

Beyond all these, a large number of products are also coming equipped with Wi-Fi features. They can use the Wi-Fi from nearby hotspots to function in a better way. Some Wi-Fi enabled products include watches, microwave, kettles, other kitchen accessories, and so on. In recent times, even cameras are coming equipped with Wi-Fi features.

It’s true that all the smartphones these days have cameras. And all of them are Wi-Fi enabled. But that’s not enough. Because the cameras of the smartphones are not as good as those of the DSLRs. And that’s where a Wi-Fi enabled camera comes in handy. It makes the process of sharing images easier than ever before.

So, are you planning to use a camera that has Wi-Fi features in it? How are you likely to use it?

Here’s a quick look at some of the amazing features that a Wi-Fi friendly camera can offer you to make clicking and storing pictures easier than ever before.

  • Creates easy but essential backup
  • Disperses images fast
  • Shows clicked images on connected phones or tablets
  • Use of such cameras are driven by free public Wi-Fi

A Perfect Backup on the Cloud

No USB cable anywhere to be found near you? That’s no more a problem at all. All you need to do is find a Wi-Fi hotspot close by. Once you find that, it won’t make any sense to waste time. You should immediately upload the pictures to the cloud. So, storing the pictures takes no time.

Moreover, it can help you remain assured that you won’t be losing the images ever, even if you delete them accidentally. That’s because the Wi-Fi helps you have a backup of the images you clicked. So, even if you need to format the memory card of your camera, it won’t be a problem anymore.

Fast Dispersion of Images

Wi-Fi friendly cameras are all over the news these days. This is an age of information and technology. And these cameras integrate both. It is now easy to disperse information within minutes after collecting it. For example, if a photo journalist clicks an image of an event, all he needs is a Wi-Fi hotspot close by. And he can send it for upload in the news website within minutes. Similarly, if you are looking to upload the images on social media and share it among your friends, you can do that as well. Just a connection through a Wi-Fi hotspot will be enough for that.

From Camera to the Phone

Have you connected the camera with your tablet, laptop, or phone through Wi-Fi? This is an amazing feature that your Wi-Fi enabled camera will offer you. The process is not too difficult either. And once you do that, you will find that the pictures that you click with your camera will immediately be shown on the laptop, phone, or the tablet. However, if you do not want to send all the images from the camera to your phone, you can have that option too. You can customize the process of sending the images to the gadgets by controlling it on the camera.

Free Public Wi-Fi Driving the Use of Wi-Fi Enabled Cameras

The use of Wi-FI is becoming more and more common with every passing day. And you can even use free Wi-Fi these days. There are a number of countries, such as Greece, which offer free Wi-Fi to its citizens. Trends like these are driving the popularity of gadgets like Wi-Fi enabled camera. With even the governments striving to offer free Wi-Fi in different cities, you can now send the photos immediately online after clicking them and all you need to for that is a Wi-Fi enabled camera.

So, you can now share the photos with several people at one go, just by posting them online within a few moments after you have clicked them. With the advent of Wi-Fi enabled camera, their Wi-Fi less counterparts are falling out of favor. And these cameras are expected to play a major role in shaping up the future of connectivity in near future.

Image Courtesy: janchipchase.com