Modern businesses depend heavily on the integrity of their data. For many types of businesses, the data IS the business. If that data becomes corrupted or lost it can have a huge impact on your business, and that impact can be felt in a variety of different areas within the business. Because of this, creating offline and online backups of your business’s precious data is of paramount importance. Here are a few reasons why online backups in particular are something you need to be doing for your business.

Everything Fails Eventually

While modern data storage hardware is generally fairly reliable, it will all fail eventually. Murphy’s Law is something that all hardware is subject to. Hard drives are mechanical devices which use magnetic disks spinning at high speed to store and access your data. There are many things that can go wrong with both the mechanical components and the electronic circuitry, and any of these things can result in your data becoming severely corrupted. And optical drives such as DVD Burners and Blu-Ray burners are not immune either. The optical disks that hold your data can easily become scratched or lost.

So you may be thinking, why not just save an offline backup of the data. Offline backups should be a necessary part of your backup schedule, but things can still go wrong that make them a risky proposition if you depend on them entirely. If a burglar breaks in and makes off with anything they consider valuable, your data backups could be part of what gets taken. Fire is another risk that can make your offline backups useless. Online backups mean that your data is backed up in an entirely different location where burglars and other disasters can’t reach. Additionally, most online backup services have facilities that are much better protected against these threats than your business premises may be.

Don’t Be M2 v2

One good example of what can happen if your business doesn’t do regular online backups can be found with the Japanese massively multiplayer online role playing game, M2. Recently Hangame, the company responsible for running the game, had to do some critical repairs to the game’s server infrastructure. In the process, all the game’s data was lost and no data backups were available. As a result the game had to be discontinued. Imagine that – an entire massively multiplayer online game with a huge player-base bringing in revenue shut down because the business tasked with maintaining it failed to have a regular backup schedule. Would you want to do business with a company that incompetent.

Think about the repercussions of losing your business’s valuable data. Business records lost. Customer records lost. Book-keeping and tax information lost. Important legal information lost. Think what a nightmare it would be to try to recover from a situation where some or all of the information that a business relies on for its daily operation is gone for good. If you are the business owner, it could mean the end of the business. If you are a worker then it could mean that you will be looking for a new job.

Keeping both offline and online backups of your data is a smart business decision. Don’t let the loss of that data mean the loss of your livelihood. Plan out a backup schedule that includes online backups and you will sleep soundly at night knowing that your data is safe.