Sometimes Gmail loads slower and inbox takes more time to show incoming emails. If the issue is not related to the Google’s service itself, it means something is wrong with your computer. You can optimize your computer, browser and internet with little effort given you are ready to take a few minutes out of your busy schedule and dedicate that time to maintain the health of your system.

Follow the tweaks given below to supercharge your Gmail:

Improve Internet Connection

Whenever you try accessing Gmail on slow connection, progress bar would crawl and may choke before completion. To determine whether it’s connection related issue or not, try opening other websites.

Sometimes downloads and updates are running in background causing websites including Gmail to load slower than normal which can be a cause of your email opening slower. Google is already working hard to improve performance of Gmail, its apparent from reviews that most of the time problem is local.

1. Click Start button on your Taskbar.
2. The Start Screen shall appear. (Windows 8 Users)
3. Click to focus on the Search box.
4. Type “Services.msc” in the Search box. Press ENTER.
5. Disable each unnecessary service and then close the dialog.

If you are noticing that your internet speed may be causing Gmail lag, improving Internet Connection can gear-up Gmail. You can use an Internet Optimization software to boost internet connection speed.

1. Download, install and run RegInOut Internet Optimizer.
2. Select your internet speed.
3. Click Öptimize Internet” button.
4. The internet optimization process may take a few seconds to finish.

Update Browser

An older version of browser may not be compatible with Gmail. Update your browser and make sure it is compatible with the Google’s email product.  Google would suggest you try reloading the page or use basic HTML version with limited features. Updating browser is an easy way to supercharge your Gmail because Google keeps updating the way it functions.

1. Click Start button.
2. Type “Windows Update” in the Search box.
3. Click “Check for Updates” button.
4. Wait till the scan is finished.
5. Click “Install Updates” to download and install all updates including Internet Explorer.

Note: It is important to update Internet Explorer no matter which web browser you are using. It is because other browsers use IE components and resources.

Turn Off Gmail Chat

Some Gmail users have noticed that email service slows down while loading Gmail Chat.

To turn it off click on Settings in drop down menu under wrench/gear icon. Gear icon is located the end of URL bar. In the Settings, click on Chat tab, choose Chat Off and Save Changes. If chat feature is essential, try adding separate messaging application such as Gtalk or Adium on Mac.

Work around Gmail Lab Features
Preview pane in Lab features to view entire messages is excellent feature enabled on most machines.

Services like preview pane are extra services which affect the load time of Gmail. To supercharge Gmail, turn off extra features. To turn off extra Gmail Lab Features, click on Settings and navigate to Labs. In the Labs disable all unwanted features.

Shortcut method to disable Gmail features is by adding?labs=0 argument at the end of URL.

Reduce number of messages and add no-browser check link

Minimize number of conversations per page through Settings menu in General Tab. It would improve load time. You can stop Gmail from checking your browser by adding no-browser check link. Http://

Disable Gmail Themes and People Widget

These themes in Gmail are visually attractive but they would take time to load. Choosing default theme would improve performance. Another feature in Gmail is People widget which displays information about people in certain piece of conversation.

People Widget retrieves data from Google Contacts, Calendar, Google Plus and other products. Hide this Widget to speed up Gmail.

Delete Cache & Internet History

To make Gmail load faster delete internet history, browser cache and temporary internet files. Use the System Cleaner feature of a System Utilities software, or otherwise, follow the steps given below:

1. Press Alt key of your keyboard to show the menu bar in Internet Explorer.
2. Click Tools | Delete Browsing History.
3. A new dialog shall appear.
4. Check-up all the boxes and click “Delete” button.
5. It may take a minute or two to delete the requested stuff.

Tip: Optimize Gmail & Browser Speed w/ RegInOut System Utilities