With the current economic climate, it is difficult for graduates to secure a job in their chosen industry. Many graduates find themselves fighting off competition for very few job openings, but it is very different story in the IT Security field. There is a vast amount of career paths to choose from with so many job openings at the moment – this is a prosperous industry for computing graduates.

IT Security involves a wide variety of tasks but professionals’ main objective is to ensure protection of a business’s computer security – protecting the availability, privacy, and integrity of businesses information and data.

The demand for IT Security professionals is escalating due to a number of factors. The high profile media attention which is given to cyber attacks such as Flame, has enforced businesses to take action and implement security measures in order to protect their data. Also, Cloud technology is spreading throughout the business world, with concerns over the complexity of security increasing as data is spread over a large number of devices, and resources being shared by unrelated users – businesses need the appropriate security measures in place.

With all these high profile cyber attacks and security breaches, and with the advancement and introduction of new technologies, not to mention implementing new methods as a way to protect all this information, it is essential that the data and information is protected.

But despite all this, finding the skilled professionals to fill the roles is becoming increasingly difficult. There are many more job roles than there are skilled professionals to fill them. The demand for these professionals is only going to rise as technologies advance and cyber criminals find more loopholes.

What the Industry has to offer

There are fantastic benefits presented to professionals embarking on a career in IT Security. This is a high-paced industry that is constantly evolving and offers competitive salaries, and the great news with this industry is that the rate of pay will continue to grow as demand for IT Security professionals increase.

There is a large amount of money being invested in IT Security by the Government and UK businesses – that money in turn, will be invested in professional’s career progression, enabling them to climb the career ladder in any specialty they choose. There is a world of opportunities within this industry.

Working in IT Security, you will receive great job satisfaction in the knowledge that you’re helping businesses with their computer and network security. The job brings such variety, with every day bringing a new challenge – working in a number of industries and solving a wide range of security challenges.

The IT Security industry knows no bounds; there are no limits to what you can achieve. If you are looking for an exciting and limitless career then IT Security could be for you. A lot of investment is going into this area and graduates will reap the benefits from the rewarding job role.

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