If you are like me, nothing can spoil your day like a piece of sliced bread that is not toasted on its top edge. It is so annoying it is enough to spoil even your weekend when a toaster like contraption can bring scents to even gaming!

In the 21st century, when we are even capable of discovering presence of billions of inhabitable planets and water on mars, why can’t we have a toaster which can toast bread on its full surface? It is in fact a scandal completely demeaning man’s biggest discovery, the sliced bread.

In fact we used to have toasters which toasted all sorts of bread with out a whimper. That was until we started to get our toasters made in China! It all started when our toaster suddenly burned out when a piece of crumb caught between the wires and we had to get a new one, made in China.

The problem is that you can’t get even a toaster taken for granted these days if it is made in China. It is true that they have something about the size of things in China, but when they make stuff for Europe, they need to consider the European sizes!

No one ever had to measure their sliced bread, which no one said is food that we shouldn’t love or eat, but I decided to measure mine to get to the bottom. It is a perfect 110 X 135mm, like any common size on the shelves of supermarkets. Of course there are a few smaller ones and a few bigger ones, which we had no trouble ever with our old toaster and I never ever had to include repairing my toaster in things I need to do before I die.

It is one thing if a Chinese made toaster is not up to the mark and can’t do the job even on a piece of bread of standard size. However it is totally different and unpardonable when even a new one with a very reputed UK brand, which we bought in full confidence to replace the Chinese one won’t toast the bread all around. It is a real shame, it is scandalous!

It is not clear who to blame for this fiasco. Obviously the Tories are not going to accept the blame on top of every other mess from granny tax to petrol scare they are charged with.

It is amazing, how a reputed company can goof up on simple things like these. It is very clear no one tested the toaster by putting a slice and toasting it. In any case no one tasted how the toast came out. So much for customer satisfaction which is forgotten and doesn’t matter any more as purchasing decisions are made on the web these days.

Obviously, the toaster must have undergone every test of safety including placing it along with the debris of Titanic to see if it will stand water because Insurance pay out is something companies have to worry about.

As for my toast, why should I give up the simple joy of a nicely and fully toasted Wharburton’s smooth white bread or start my day cursing a toaster which is not man enough? Time to throw out the toaster and look for something proper, surely there ought to be others. Still it is amazing anyone had to blog about something so simple and mundane you shouldn’t have to give a second thought about.

Article first published as Why Can’t Things Just Work as They are Supposed to Anymore? on Technorati