Apparently our phones are much dirtier than we think they are..

  1. 30% of a virus can be transferred from your screen to your fingers
  2. The average cell phone is 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat
  3. 18% of mobile phones are contaminated with staphylococcus
  4. 16% of mobile phones are contaminated with fecal flora & ecoli.


Good thing Woosh! is here to save us!

Woosh! is the next generation screen cleaner. Alcohol and ammonia free, there’s nothing in the bottle or wipe to damage any of your screens. Non-toxic and odorless, it is 100% safe with no harmful residue left behind.

A layer of protection against fingerprints.

Most interestingly, their formula leaves a nano-thin, anti-static and invisible coating that repels and resists dist, smudges, and fingerprints!

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