In order to help mobile operators combat the surmounting issues they face in the coming years, SAP has published a Mobile Operator Guide. The guide discusses the challenges, strategies, and opportunities in mobile services and is truly a book of answers for those in the mobile operator business. Here are a few insights from Part 1 of this 7 chapter guide.

What’s In Store For Mobile Operators In 2013?

mobile operator guideLet’s rewind to 2001 when mobile operators ruled the land, determining how things were going to be done and what would be shared. Now, due to the never ending advances in technology, globalization and a boost of travel by company executives, times they are a changin’.

We live in a world of 4G and LTE, powerful technology all operating under an open infrastructure. Forcing many mobile operators to rethink the way they not only do business, but also engage with their end consumer.

How Can They Stay Ahead Of the Competition?

In order to stay ahead of the internet based companies who can offer new technology at a cheaper price, mobile operators will need to collaborate with competitors; thus enabling lower costs and new products to help them remain dominant.

This isn’t the only issue mobile operators must strategically handle, with the developments in smartphones more and more users are depending on data to talk, rather than actually talking. Take for example Apple’s FaceTime, you only need WiFi, not your minutes.

Voice services used to be the golden goose for mobile operators. Now, with massive data traffic increases, they must find alternate revenue sources.

The proliferation of smartphones and the data being consumed is also straining the existing infrastructure. Eventually, if not already, this infrastructure must be rebuilt. And according to the Mobile Operator Guide, “2013 is widely expected to be a blockbuster year for infrastructure spending, with a large number of operators aggressively expanding their LTE networks.”

But just because they have some bills to pay doesn’t mean they’ll be out of the picture. Mobile operators are responsible for the connectivity behind it all and have over the years developed very loyal customers.

Take my mom for example; she was with AT&T before they were AT&T and still “Cingular”. This is an advantage because it puts them as the middle man between their customer base and the partners who want to reach that very base.

What to Expect

This year will be an interesting one, as mobile continues to grow and evolve. Who will keep up? I would bet those who read the Mobile Operator Guide from SAP.