Before you go out and drop a few hundred dollars on the new iPad, make sure to think carefully about the following so you get the iPad that’s right for you:

1. iPad Generation

Ever since Tim Cook became Apple’s CEO, the product line has diversified. Before you could only buy one kind of device and just had to choose from small variations like storage capacity and connectivity. Now, even with 2 versions of iPads released, you can still buy some older versions for reduced prices. Even the iPhone range has gotten a re-issue in the iPhone 3GS. If you’re working on a budget, it’s always great to look at older versions since they’re still brand new and very good devices. Apple comes out with new generations of their devices every few months so the older versions can actually still be less than a year old from their debut.

2. Storage capacity

Getting the biggest storage capacity is not always the most optimal choice. Neither is getting the smallest storage. Instead of thinking about 16, 32 and 64 gigabyte as merely numbers, try to determine what you want to have on your iPad. 16 gigabyte versions are great for business as you only need to save notes, certain files and apps on your device. If you need some expanded storage and use for games and some movies, you can get the 32 gigabyte version. The price difference for doubling your storage is usually around another $100. Finally, if you plan on taking your media library with you wherever you go, your 64 gigabyte iPad may let you take quite a number of movies and series with you.

3. iOS version

Acquiring older versions of the device may not have the most current iOS version installed. You might have to actually upgrade the device yourself. It’s quite easy, though, but the update may be almost 800 MB so make sure you have a fast and stable internet connection. If you don’t bother to update your iOS version, you might not be able to run some apps such as Evernote, RingCentral and Flipboard. It’s always better to update your device to the latest version so you can use all the apps you want and you get a more stable and optimized device.

4. To jailbreak or not to jailbreak

Even before you get the device you’ve probably heard of Jailbreaking. Sometimes, people think that they can get more out of the iPad when they jailbreak it. Essentially, jailbreaking involves removing most of the limitations Apple sets on the device and provides a workaround to download apps that are paid for free. Sometimes, app developers are good enough to still ask you to pay for apps downloaded through jailbreak but most of the time you can get the paid stuff for free. Keep in mind that though this is just a software modification, there is still a chance that your device may malfunction and become irreparable after you jailbreak.