ipad 3 mockup

While demos and free trials give us a taste of games and software prior to their release, mockups for the future iPad can now be found online. Everybody seems to know what’s in store for the new line of slates, even if Apple and Mr. Jobs keep silent about it. Rumors claim that the new slate might be introduced as the iPad 2 Plus or the iPad 2 HD. The major change, by the way, is a high resolution retina display. Fancy names, but these are thought to be enough to keep the eager wait for the iPad 3. Expected time of arrival for these pads is sometime between April and March of 2012, while other reports are saying as soon as November 2011!

Speaking of the mockups, a so-called prototype designed by Guilherme Schasiepen displays an even slimmer iPad than the current model. While the iPad 2 is 0.34 inches, the iPad 3 is expected to be at just a mere 0.29 inches! You can literally use the iPad 3 as a bookmark, though I doubt anyone would dare try it.

Also, the back of the slate would now be made up of glass instead of metal. But it may just well be glass-coated. The curved design is maintained, making sure that the feel of the iPad3 offers some feeling of familiarity to its loyal users. In other words, it looks and feels exactly the same.

A 5 mega-pixel camera on the back is a sweet treat. In front, there’s a Web cam that can be used with FaceTime. There are also new antennas for WiFi. As always, 3G/4G capabilities are supported, and can neatly be located near the speakers.

The future iPad 3’s resolution is expected to be 2 times bigger than the current 1024×768 display. The aspect ratio is maintained at 4:3, held back largely because of the look and layout of iOS. Of course, it would be stupid to assume that the future iPad would not have superior video capabilities. Everyone expects better resolution. There is no sense buying the same iPad with a different name.

Mockups are just mockups. Consumers expect Apple to come with a device that is slimmer and showcases improved hardware. Hopefully, Apple will break silence before the summer ends on an official iPad 3 release date.