As is the case with the upcoming release of the latest iPhone, new technology-based products are apt to rustle up an ocean of rumors and hearsay, most often verging on the phantasmagoric. The same goes for highly popular game series—which, as we all know for a fact, the FIFA series qualifies as. The twentieth title in the franchise will be released on September 28, 2012, and it will be available for most gaming platforms and consoles: the Wii and Wii U, the Xbox 360, the PS2, PS Portable and PS Vita, as well as Microsoft Windows and iOS-operating systems. It will also be available for the all-new Kinect and PS Move platforms.

In terms of teams, there’s a lot to be happy for, if you’re from Turkey or the Czech Republic. Previous versions of the game had included the two countries’ premier leagues (Turkey’s Super Lig and the Czech Republic’s Gambrinus Liga), as well as the Czechs’ national team—they’re all coming back to the game for this edition. Also, in a groundbreaking and somewhat culturally controversial move, EA is adding the first ever soccer team from the Arab world, namely the Saudi Professional League.

The gameplay has also been updated and significantly improved. Perhaps the most hotly anticipated new feature is the players’ attacking intelligence, which had been rumored for inclusion ever since early 2010. Intelligence is no over-statement here, as player characters will now have the ability to analyze the coordinates and physical parameters of the space they’re moving in. Based on those analyses, they will then proceed to calculate their moves ahead. Gaming experts have surmised that this will make the playing experienced more attack-based, consequently making it easier to disrupt the opposing team’s defense. In response, EA have claimed that the new game will also feature tweaks and improvements in the goalkeepers’ intelligence.

If you’re hankering to get your soccer game fix, you can always head down to, for some free online games. Meanwhile, let us also tell you that the dribbling experience in FIFA 13 has also been significantly upgraded. Until this installment in the franchise, players had limited mobility in terms of turning around and running across the field with the ball. As the Complete Dribbling feature is about to be introduced into the game, it’s likely that characters will be better equipped for simulating real-life dribbling situations, as well as become more creative about what they’re doing with the ball. In a related upgrade, EA will also allow the player to turn First Touch Control on or off. Turning off this feature basically means that not all players in the field will be able to execute similarly perfect moves. The less skilled or experience players will realistically lose focus or complete poor touches, in their attempt to regain possession of the ball.

As was expected of Electronic Arts, they’re also making a move toward cornering the social and mobile gaming market, with the simultaneous launch of FIFA 13 and its dedicated EA SPORTS Football Club. The mobile app will allow players to connect to the Ultimate Team portal, as well as to the EA SPORTS Football Club. However, since similarly popular franchises such as The Sims have yet to garner major successes in this area, the app’s popularity is one aspect of the upcoming game in which the match has yet to play out.