Nowadays, it is quite common to find a computer system severely infected with the virus, as computer hackers always try new ways to execute viruses into computer systems. However, that generally happens when there is no antivirus software installed in the computer system.

But let us not discuss what you have or what you don’t have in your computer system. Instead, let us talk about the solution. If your computer system has also been infected with a virus, then you need not to worry as there are various solutions, which can easily kick out that virus.

Listed below are the steps that you must perform, whenever your computer system gets infected with a virus.

  • The first and foremost step is to disconnect the internet connection, if you are using any.
  • Now disconnect your computer from a local area network (if it is connected with) to protect your other computers from getting infected.
  • Restart your computer system in Safe Mode by pressing and holding F8 (in Windows) and Shift (in MacBook) right after you hear the computer beep at the startup screen.
  • Create backups of all your computer data and save that in external drives such as External hard disk drives, Blue-ray discs, DVDs and Cds.
  • Go out to buy genuine and branded computer virus protection software (if you don’t have it with you now) and install it as per the instructions mentioned on it, as without that it is impossible to kick out the virus.
  • If you already have an antivirus software with you, then run it for automatic updates by using it on another system rather than on the infected system, as by running an internet connection on the infected PC, the malware or spyware (if any) may transmit your data to the hackers.
  • After installing the antivirus, start a complete scan on your computer, and if your system has got any virus, spyware or malware, the antivirus will pop up the message and provide you with two options to choose from i.e., quarantine or delete the virus, malware and spyware threats.
  • Once you have selected an appropriate action, the antivirus will perform it and kick out the virus threats from your computer.
  • Now perform a re-scan on your computer system to ensure that it is clean, safe and secure to use, once you are satisfied with the results, start using your computer again as you used to.

Performing all these steps are necessary to get rid of the virus, spyware and malware from the system, and once you are done with all these steps, ensure that all features of your antivirus program such as live update, internet security, etc., are on.

Moreover, if you are not comfortable with your existing antivirus program, you can always opt for the cloud antivirus protection being offered by some of the best antivirus manufacturers.