What Is Enterprise Software?

To answer the question – What is Enterprise Software – you need to look into the software industry and enterprise requirements today. Enterprise Software is not just a term that we use: it can be many things, as per the requirements of the enterprise utilizing it. Enterprise Application Software or “EAS” is another terminology that you may also have come across.

What is Enterprise Software

So What is Enterprise Software? Any Examples?

Some of the most common Enterprise Software Products in use today are:

  1. HR Management Systems
  2. CRMs or Customer Relationship Management Software
  3. CMS / Content Management Systems
  4. Payment Processing Software and Automated Billing Catalogs
  5. Security Systems and Intelligence
  6. Forms Automation and IT Service Management

A single Enterprise Application Software may employ a number of different technologies and platforms in order to meet the full requirements and functionality. An EAS may use a client server platforms using web browsers, or may use a different user interface altogether.

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