The internet is providing space for everyone. There are businesses, NGOs, government portals, individuals, marketing agents, and many other types of people. The internet also gives them some amazing tools for organizations and individuals so they can improve their security and speed.

There are many limitations to the internet and they can be removed either by using a VPN or a proxy server. Here in this article, we will talk about proxy servers as they are sometimes more beneficial for enterprises than a VPN. Though the basic thing they do is the same, which is hiding the original IP of the device. Let’s know what a proxy server actually is and how people can use it.

Understanding A Proxy Server And It’s Working

A proxy server is a kind of gateway between the user’s device and the website they want to access. It hides the original IP address of the device. Normally what happens is that a device and its network send a request when they want to access a website and the HTTPs validates it and then the user can access that website. A proxy server can process the request made by a user and they can hide the real information of the users.

This increases privacy and also allows them to access sites that might not be accessed normally. There are some proxy servers that provide great speed and then there are some free ones that can lag. It is advised to the users that they use servers that provide them with the best performance and security for their network. Proxy servers are easy to use and they are also preferred by many multinational companies for their online working. It can help with many things like the geo-tagging of marketing content for the companies.

Types of Proxy Servers

Forward Proxy Server:

Forward Proxy Servers are generally used by internal networks. A web proxy server works differently in the case of the forward proxy servers. Here, when a request is sent by the client in order to get connected to a particular website for browsing or other purposes, it comes to the forward proxy server first.

The request is needed to pass through a forward proxy server. Then the decision will be made whether the request of the client will go further or not. If yes, then the connection request directly goes to the external server. It does not see the IP address of the client but only sees the request for connection sent from the forward proxy server. It has many advantages.

Using a forward proxy server makes the system authoritative and fully administrative to control the local network connections. It can be further explained as a firewall or shield that helps the administrators restrict access to unwanted or risky web resources by the internal network clients. This type of proxy server can be often observed in schools and universities.

Reverse Proxy Server:

Reverse proxy server is different from that of the forward proxy server. It operates on the side of the website that works towards hiding the IP addresses from the external users within the internal network. The reverse proxy server has the responsibility to make the decision whether the web users will be able to see the content of a website or use a specific web service or not.

There are a number of benefits to this type of proxy server. It provides added security to the servers and makes it tough for hackers or cybercriminals and others to attack the internal servers. Additionally, it acts as a load balancer in order to disperse the data stored between the internal servers. It prevents the overloading of connection requests and keeps the website or web service safe from crashing.

Open Proxy Server:

Open proxy servers allow the forwarding of requests by internet users. On the other hand, it also works in receiving responses from websites. It hides the original IP address of the user from the web. They do not require authentication and prevent abuses, malware, and other infections.

Importance Of Proxy Server

Below are a few pointers to discuss the importance of a Proxy Server for online business.

Controlling And Tracking Data Flow

It is really important to track and control the data that is going through the server. A proxy server allows online businesses to track and control the data that flows through the server. This helps the online business to control what data flows out from their website. Sometimes when the websites can’t control what data is going through the server they might be giving more than what they actually should.

This is something that can improve the security and privacy of online businesses. It is necessary that all online businesses take care of their online data and the data that they send and receive. They can also know in a better way about the data that is coming and how it is coming to their websites.

Better Performance

In today’s time, everyone wants to know about proxy servers revives and guides. With proxy servers, people can access websites faster. This is done by finding a website that allows downloading the pages to the server. This improves the performance of the network and makes the working faster. This will eventually increase the productivity and the profit that the websites can earn. It allows these organizations to use their network resources in the best way possible.

Balancing The Load

This is the biggest threat that any website and the developer handling it can face. In this, the attackers flood the website with unlimited and impossible amounts of traffic. This crashes the website and makes it unresponsive and that can ruin a lot of things for online businesses.

This is something that can be balanced with a proxy server. If this can be done then these websites can save themselves from a lot of loss and idle time. There are a lot of bad effects of this attack that people don’t even know about. It takes a lot of time and effort to make the website work again.


Proxy servers are important, not just for privacy but also for additional benefits that have been mentioned above. People might look at the other option which is a VPN but all over the world. Online businesses, especially the ones that work in multiple regions, will get better benefits from a proxy server.