Desktop Virtualization and Enterprise Mobility Solutions promise to be very effective as ways to power up productivity with flexibility while lowering overheads for any organization. However, it comes with some issues that need to be taken care of as well.

Enterprise Mobility and Desktop Virtualization

Let us have a look at both sides of the story and evaluate how promising virtualization services really prove to be by examining the pros and cons of enterprise mobility.

A look at the Enterprise Mobility Cons to start with:

  • Security: One of the main concerns that enterprises face with enterprise mobility and desktop virtualization solutions is security concerns. This can add to the costs involved operations and systems
  • Connection Issues: Unless client systems have a good internet connection and the required bandwidth, communication with the server may face serious problems
  • Some applications may not be suitable for a client server environment, especially if the client system is not compatible with the server
  • Application patches may not always work: different applications may work differently on separate platforms

Advantages of Desktop Virtualization and Enterprise Mobility:

  • Flexibility: Desktop virtualization offers you the option to stay connected to your workplace even when you may be miles away from your office. This proves to be a powerful advantage for professionals today with regards to flexibility with time and place
  • Resource Sharing: The same workstation and associated resources can be shared amongst a number of people even when they are not using it. Users can connect remotely using enterprise mobility solutions
  • Real Time Access: Desktop virtualization and mobility solutions offer you to access data real time and on the go. You can access all the information that you are privileged to use right on your mobile device or laptop – depending on your internet connection
  • Travel light: With Smartphones ruling the industry as one of the most favorable mobile devices to access the internet, you get to travel light and still have access to the most vital information and applications that you need professionally.

There are a number of security and technical considerations that need to be made with regards to enterprise mobility. But once these security issues, platform compatibility issues and connection problems are taken care of, virtualization and enterprise mobility offers an undeniable flexibility and a huge advantage.

This is primarily why more and more organizations have opted for enterprise mobility and virtualization solutions over the recent years, and even more are likely to switch over the virtual networks over the coming years.