web_developmentJust like any other designing field, web design trends come and go and they’re not here to stay for a long time. Web design technology has a relentless drive to change every now and then. The basis of the platform is always changing and some of the trends in web design are a result of improvement to what is possible and much of a reflection of changing taste, user behaviour and the type of devices used to access content on the web. 2015 has already been an interesting year for the web designers and the next year is perhaps going to be even better. If you’re not aware of the web design trends that are going to dominate 2016, here is a list for you. Check them out.

  1. CSS3 will have an impact on layouts: Browser support for CSS3 has been gaining enough momentum in the last few years and 2016 will finally be that stage when some of the new CSS3 modules can easily be used. Of course, there will be a place for fallbacks and polyfills, the likes of CSS3 Flexbox can be easily handled by the latest releases of the browsers. Flexbox offers a solution to layout which has been in use for a long time now and this can be more creative in layout.
  2. Prevalence of material design: We have seen a lot of revolution over the last few years in the form of adoption of Google’s Material Design as the basic of UI development and presentation. The trend reflects the usage of mobile phones as the first and last device to access the web rather than laptops, desktops and computers. While this isn’t any new trend, Material Design is going to be a widespread adoption in 2016.
  3. Cinemagraphs will become popular: Cinemagraphs aren’t anything new and it has been several years that they’ve been around. The main thing that took place is the arrival of the “live pictures” on Apple’s latest iPhone models. Such picturesque images capture a small movement in a picture and hence when it is viewed, the static photo soon becomes dynamic and seems to be live. They offer a similar visual effect and hence the social media starts flooding with live photos. The content producers and the advertisers have also started using them.
  4. Typography will get bolder: Use of the right color is important for marketing objectives, as is the effective use of typography to convey the right messages to the target audience. Although every designer knows this, their choices have always been limited. We expect a change coming in 2016. For the past couple of years, colors have remained mute but now in 2016, there will be a lot of color and a whole lot of bold typography. If you’re a web designer, you should watch out for typographical treatments appearing through the web.

Therefore, if you’re a web designer, be aware of the WordPress tips and guides and the latest designing trends of this year 2016.