When you are traveling, you generally wish to check emails and access vital documents in the cloud system with your tablet, laptop, or your smartphone. You may also wish to check out the news and read online magazines. At a free wifi hotspot, you can enjoy easy connection without using data mobile plans or worrying about exorbitant data and wifi charges. Here are a few tips to get wifi access, no matter where you are.

Make use of the ‘splash page’ while shopping!

From local shops to department stores, almost every business offers free Wifi access to their customers. Especially,  shopping malls have realized the importance of this advanced technology for bringing better shopping experience for their customers. You do not have to buy any special coupon or know any code. All you need to do is just turn on the Wifi interface and open the browser. Once the browser is opened, you will soon be redirected to the ‘splash page’, along with specific terms or conditions of the particular shop. You have to read them carefully before you check the box to accept the terms and avail the Wifi facility.

In a nutshell, this new-age wireless technology acts as your gateway to internet access in the shopping malls without plugging into mobile or laptop devices. The transmission of radio waves helps you to enjoy broadband service in these stores.  You can increase the joy of shopping with wireless networks like never before.

Tether your phone when you are on road!

Tethering helps you to transform the internet connection of your smartphone into Wifi hotspot for your laptop. And if you have a special data plan of popular telecommunication services, you also do not have to pay anything extra to avail the tethering facility. However, tethering is indeed slower than common Wireless LAN and it also uses the battery as well as the data of your smartphone. When you are traveling on the road and have time in your hand to send or even receive file from a tablet or other wifi-enabled devices, tethering is a good option for you. Android phone users who do not have shared data plans can use third-party applications for tethering. Make use of this technology for better web experience on the road!

Use Wi-Fi databases to locate your restaurant!

Are you facing difficulty to locate a hotel or a restaurant? Take the help of Wifi databases. Such a database organizes the hot spot by businesses or states and also has different sections for hotels as well as airports. With the help of hotspots, you may find parks, camp grounds, and cafeteria. Instead of listing the sites as directory, it allows you to search a place by state, city, ZIP code, and watch the hotspots plotted on the map. On the road, a suitable Wifi application can tap the GPS of your telephone and find out the hotspot. If you wish to find a location, which is not listed, you can easily submit it to the Wifi database right from this application.

Enjoy Wifi Mobile Pass onboard

Nowadays you can even stay connected to the internet, email, e-commerce websites as well as social networking sites even when you are onboard. With in-flight wireless LAN Mobile Pass, it is easier to remain connected in clouds.  You can send as well as receive mobile messages through different mobile applications. You may also read an email as well as browse the internet from your smartphone. You can enjoy the internet after reaching a specific height and turn it off when the plan reaches the same height while landing. To avail the facility, you require a Wi-fi-enabled laptop and a supportive browser, such as Google Chrome, MS Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari.

Wifi Service Management Platform on Hospitals

Some people mistakenly think that Wi-fi is not good for health. In fact, Wifi for healthcare industry is gaining increasing popularity with every passing day. Effective Wifi solution allows patients, staff as well as visitors to access a secured and user-friendly broadband internet, thus making their stay in the hospital easy and comfortable.

This type of wireless network solution is delivered either as a cloud-centric service or as a server software application for an effective in-house functioning. This feature-rich Wifi Service Management Platform is designed to cater to the requirements of the healthcare industry by providing billing solutions, subscriber management, and so on. It also facilitates the simple ‘plug and play’ user accessibility. When one user opens a web browser, he or she will automatically get redirected to the portal page for effective registration as well as authentication to the wifi service. Once the authentication gets completed, the information accessibility becomes customized on the basis of the user’s profile and ensures a wonderful Wifi experience.

Enjoy the benefits of using the wifi in apartments, cars, hospitals, or at any place and at any point of time. Whether you are traveling, visiting a departmental store, or going somewhere else, stay connected to the web world round the clock.