With summer around the corner, more people than ever will be at poolside or at the beach either for fun or for fitness.  One of the drawbacks to pool or beach workouts (such as surfing) has been the inability to listen to music the way people do while running on a trail or working out at the local gym.

Innovation in the area of acoustic technology has allowed companies to introduce waterproof audio devices.  Consumers can now bring their music or favorite audio book to the water using Underwater Audio’s waterproof iPod and waterproof headphones.  Using proprietary technology, the company seals fourth generation Apple devices from the inside out.

Additionally, the liquid-proof shuffles are routinely tested beyond 200 feet in salt, fresh, and chlorinated water.  The lightweight iPods and headphones are able to keep liquid away from the devices’ internal electronics.  The technology should revolutionize how tech geeks – many of whom lack sun tanning – think about outdoor activities such as snorkeling and water skiing.

Vad Lake (Credit: Commons/Wikimedia)

Each year, users spend millions of dollars to replace expensive electronics damaged by water intrusion into sensitive internal parts.  Sealing out water, sweat, and other liquids marks a major milestone in the electronics industry.  Advanced sealants add value by protecting a user’s investment in his or her gadget.

Water resistance translates into versatile usage as swimmers, divers, surfers, and beach runners are able to maximize the enjoyment of their activities.  The liquid-proof electronics can also be ideal for those who own jet skis, high speed boats, and naval vessels.  These types of aquatic-type crafts can also be susceptible to water splashes.

In the near future, fishing for tuna in the rough Alaskan seas may be compatible with listening to one’s favorite playlist.  Alternatively, climbing Mount Everest may be easier when motivational music is blaring inside one’s waterproof headphones.  Thus far, early adopters have heaped praise on Underwater Audio’s waterproof iPods, headphones, and earbuds on sites such as Amazon.

Some users have pointed out the waterproof iPod’s long battery life (15 hours) and flexibility in being adapted to challenging environments.  Liquid intrusion doesn’t just happen at swimming pools or beaches.  Melting snow in the Rockies can harm a device.  Washing dishes at your grandma’s kitchen can destroy your $200 possession.  How about sprinkling water on the lawn on a Sunday morning?

Waterproof technology enables one to enjoy swimming or surfing workouts.  It also acts as an insurance policy against unnecessary damage as one conducts routine daily activities.