LONDON, ENGLAND - JANUARY 09: An Apple Ipad is used to view Netflix during the Netflix UK launch in London, England on January 9, 2012. Netflix the leading global internet subscription service for films and TV programmes, launches today in the United Kingdom and Ireland, offering instant and unlimited access to a broad range of entertainment for the low monthly price of ?5.99 in the UK and ?6.99 in Ireland. (Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images for Netflix)
Watching television used to require you to be in front of the TV at the time that a program was airing; there were no alternatives to having access to your favorite shows. If you did not watch them when they were on, you missed them. Today, life is much different; you can watch television anywhere you are as long as you have an internet connection and access to internet TV. This is in stark contrast to what cable television offers, even with the convenience of a DVR – people are still turning to internet television because of its convenience, multitude of options, and lower cost. If you have not cut the cord on cable yet, here are a just a few reasons why you may want to give it a try.

Easy Access

The number one reason a majority of people watch TV on the internet is the ability to watch their favorite show on their own time. With the ability to stream it whenever they have time, consumers can catch their favorite episodes at any time of day or night, not just when they air. With a Smartphone or tablet, consumers can watch television anywhere they have Wi-Fi. This means watching a show while on the road, in a waiting room, or out at the ball field, literally anywhere that an internet connection is possible. With the mobility of television, it is easy to see why many people are turning to the internet for their favorite shows.


Social media has played a large role in the onslaught of internet live TV streaming. With the ability to share links to episodes or even little blurbs on a show, consumers are more likely to watch things that others are talking about. Popularity is a driving force behind what many people do, so if something becomes viral on Facebook, Twitter, or Google +, people are going to start watching it, which has made the popularity of television much greater than ever before. With cable television, you watched what you knew about or possibly caught while surfing channels, but with internet TV and the ability to easily share, different programming is being watched and enjoyed as more and more people talk about it.


There is an onslaught of people “cutting the cord” with cable. They are tired of the expensive bills and just do not want to pay for television anymore. This is possible more than ever today with the ability to watch live TV online for free. Many networks offer free streaming of their popular shows and even some sporting events. Of course you will not be able to have access to everything for free – typically just the basic stuff. For the more in depth programming, such as programming from around the world, you can pay a small fee (a fraction of the cost of cable) and have the ability to utilize one of the most popular cable TV alternatives – internet television. You will have access to a much larger number of shows and channels, giving you cultural, educational, and entertaining experiences when you want them, wherever you may be.


Another trend with television watching that has become popular as a result of internet TV is binge watching, which has helped to promote the growth of the future of online TV. If you are not familiar with this term, it basically means that you watch many episodes, sometimes an entire season, of one show in one sitting. With cable TV you were subjected to waiting until the next episode aired – typically a week later. With internet TV, you can stream your shows whenever you want, which includes the ability to watch one episode right after another. This led to binge watching parties and nights holed up at home catching up on episodes of Grey’s Anatomy or The Big Bang Theory.

Television is seeing a huge shift in the way that it is handled. Consumers are not watching less TV, they are just watching it in different ways. No one is stuck in front of the TV telling everyone around them to be quiet so they can hear the important parts. Now they can take it with them wherever they go, whether in the house or while out and about. This flexibility has made internet TV a very popular choice for people of all ages. Parents have instant access to children’s programing when they need it the most and adults have access to live streaming, making it possible to stay in touch with their favorite shows no matter how busy they may get.

Have you cut the cord on cable yet? If so, how do you catch your favorite programs? Have you started utilizing internet TV? Let us know what you think of it and how it is working for you in the comments below.

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