An experience can be relived through memories and photographs really help. For all those lucky souls who have had the good fortune and time to watch key IPL matches at the stadium, you have been captured no matter where you were sitting in the stadium. Telecom service provider Vodafone, the official partner of the IPL6 and the creator of the adorable Zoozoos has launched an amazing 360 degree ‘Fan Photo’ initiative, with its agency Maxus.  Fan Photo or Fancam captures the live stadium scenes from the IPL matches, and allows you to tag yourself and your friends in the photo.

The Vodafone Fancam

The feature has been enabled on a dedicated website ‘Vodafone Fancam’ where you can revisit the match day experience on the next day. The page welcomes you with the matches that are available for ‘fancam-ing’. Right now you have the Mumbai Indians vs. Rajasthan Royals match that played out at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai on the 15th of May, and the other is the one between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Chennai Super Kings at the Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bangalore on the 18th of May.

The experience will continue for all further matches till the finals. Though the qualifier 1 match that was played yesterday between Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings at the Feroz Shah Kotla stadium in Delhi is not available as yet, while I’m writing this.


At top left, you have buttons to share and invite from Facebook, Twitter and email. Tag yourself enables you to find and tag yourself at the stadium, after you select a tag and authenticate with your Facebook, Twitter or email. Below is the navigation guide, you can pan across the entire stadium and zoom in or out wherever you wish.

At top right are more interactive stuff for fans who have not been at the match. ‘Wish you were here’ allows you to place your picture in a frame and add yourself to the crowd. Take a new picture from the webcam or upload one from your system. ‘Send a free postcard‘ enables you to send a postcard to your friends by capturing a piece of the view. Download the postcard or send it through email addresses. There is also a treasure hunt game ‘Find & Win’ where you need to find the hidden Zoozoos in the crowd and you could win Vodafone hampers. The volume is the key – the louder the song, the closer you are to the Zoozoos, find and click on him!

I found an empty seat after a long struggle and fixed myself there. Even made a postcard of it! But, finding the hidden Zoozoos is a matter of pure luck, I clicked on many Zoozoo caps worn by the spectators, but nothing happened. And, this is how close you can zoom in, the below is a picture taken right below the large screen:


Experience the stadium, relive the experience!

An amazing concept! The Vodafone Fancam not only helps create a memorable experience for the ones who were at the stadium, but also succeeds in engaging others. With the social tagging feature, you can share this event with your friends, and invite other Facebook friends to experience how the entire match was as seen from your eyes. The gamification by way of a Zoozoo hunt in the stadium with gift hampers as incentives, adds to the fan experience.

The experience left me absolutely in awe of the technology used, how could an entire stadium packed with nearly 40-45K people be brought alive digitally? Intrigued and amazed, I digged into the Fancam website to know more at the ‘How we do it’ page. Here’s a little text that explains how a panoramic view is built through Fancam:

The FANCAM is a composite image, created by ‘stitching’ together hundreds of overlapping ‘zoomed in’ images. We use normal high-end DSLR cameras with telephoto lenses on very normal tri-pods. The magic lies in the method we’ve developed to use these instruments, as it finds the perfect balance between precision and speed .”

Cool stuff! And, it appears that this is the first time a brand has used this in India. Do tag yourself if you were at the said matches and let us know your experiences.