So as the dust settles on yet another BPM partnership, was this a marriage of convenience or something else?

Funny because I’m hearing all sorts on the grapevine right now. The jungle drums seem to be beating a path to Pega’s door just before the TIBCO announcement, and the phrase uttered at the Nimbus Conference in September by the CEO of TIBCO that they had “secured the future of Nimbus…” is certainly an odd one to belt out.

So, was Nimbus a victim of their own stalwart stance on providing only a BPA tool and not looking at a richer environment for the CTO to play with? Control was/ is a good tool but it’s not in the ballpark to woo the Tefal heads in the IT department.

Or were their plans for a US expansion thwarted by a poor economic outlook and tougher market penetration and they struggled to recover ground ? The amount paid for Nimbus wasn’t a lot.

Guess we’ll only know when the divorce papers come out in time….