There used to be a time when everyone venerated Google. These days, there are some who think Google is evil. There are some who hate it with a passion. And there are still some who look up to the Big G.

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However, with all that we’ve heard and seen about the working conditions at Google, it is but understandable that many a young (or old, what’s age anyway?) online professional/IT pro/you-name-it wants to work there.
We’ve also seen and heard all sorts of “what it takes” articles – what it takes to get in at Google. Well, folks, if working for Google has always been a dream of yours, here’s an updated graphic on how to get a Google job.

It doesn’t exactly give you a step-by-step list – if you need that, then the chances are you’re never going to get in anyway – but it does provide some interesting points, which is summarized below:

  • 14% get a Google job without having gone to college
  • Google likes “emergent leadership”; basically that means you step up when needed, and you shut up when you’re not needed
  • Brain teasers are not that important anymore. See graphic why…
  • Google likes “T-shaped people”: people who are a master at one area, but also have other interests (read: have a life?)

What are your chances of getting a Google job?

Well, the company receives more than 2 million job applications every year. The stats show that 1 in 130 applicants actually get in – so there are your chances.

And in case you’re wondering about how long it will take…

You’ll go through an average of 5 interviews, which takes about an average of 37 days.

Here’s the infographic to give you more details. (Click to see the original size.)

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Still interested? Then head on over to the Google Jobs page.