In a new ad for the Galaxy S5, Samsung takes another potshot at Apple and its lovely users (yes, that’s us).

That moment when your phone conveniently chooses the most inconvenient time to run low on juice. Switch your Galaxy S 5 to Ultra Power Saving Mode or swap in a fresh spare battery and say goodbye to the wall huggers for good.

Just in case it needs some explaining…Apple users always run out of batteries, so we hog the wall sockets just to be able to use our phones. Hence, wall huggers.

Samsung capitalizes on the fact that their phone has battery swapping capabilities and an ultra power saving mode – something that iPhone users don’t have access to, hence being wall huggers. While those two features do sound interesting, there is always the plethora of portable battery chargers that barely cost a thing and can be placed inside the smallest pocket in your bag.

If I sound a little defensive, that’s because I am defending the iPhone and people who use the iPhone!

Here’s the new Samsung ad.

To the wall huggers!!!

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