We are busy people in a busy world, surrounded by to-do lists for both work and personal, socializing with friends, finding time to Instagram or Facebook. If only we had a way to shop easier because before we know it, we forgot to add to that list “shop for beauty product for yourself.”

There are usually two scenarios:

  1. You know the product you need, you just want the very best deal on it
  2. You don’t know what you need at all.

For either case, many of us depend on our always-on-us smart phones to assist our search for the best deal or to make an informed decision. Think about it, how often do you walk through a store and see people on their cell phones? One infographic shows 19% of U.S. consumers browse their mobile devices while shopping in store and that number will likely go up.

I can’t tell you how many times in the beauty aisle I’ve stood there silently Googling “top ten eye creams” or “best mascara for the money”. All the while I am secretly wishing for someone to either tell me what works for them. I am part of the 58% of consumers who want more product information in-store and I know I’m not alone.

Attempting to take advantage of this mobile trend and all the data users create just by browsing, retailers are turning to technology solutions giving them direct insight into your buying behavior. In turn, they can provide you with customized product information and referrals, cutting down the time you spend looking.

L’Oreal is an example of one company employing technology to effectively target their customer with the right deals at the right time. They are keeping you in mind when they communicate, and rethinking the way they sell using eCommerce and in retail shops.

Check out how L’Oreal and other retailers are trying to cut down on your time silently searching by providing you with everything you need in a digital and positive shopping experience.

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