Avegant, a startup from Michigan now relocated in Redwood, California, is trying to create a video and virtual reality that is also stylish. As Valleywag’s Dan Lyons once said, “Nobody wants to sit around for hours with those big f–king goggles strapped to their head.”

Avegant CTO Allan Evans said in an interview, “If it’s headphones, it has to be cool.” He continues, “To be cool, it can’t look like I’m wearing a pope hat.”

Evans and co-founder Edward Tang can point directly to the origins by the both of them being on an airplane together. Together, they saw that people all around them wearing noise-canceling, over-the-ear headphones, plugged into tables.

Evan stated, “People love movies”. “Where does that experience suck? Anytime you’re watching on your phone or tablet.” Evan continues.

The company raised $1.5 million for its “personal theater” headset on Kickstarter last year and another $9.4 million in December in a round led by Intel Capital and NHN.

Similar to the Samsung Gear VR and the upcoming Oculus Rift, Avegant’s Glyph sticks the screen directly before your eyes. One distinct difference that should be noticed is that company claims its technology is less likely to cause eye fatigue because it utilize “micromirror retinal projection” to simulate natural light.

The result, they say, feels more sitting in a dark movie watching a screen in the distance rather than having the bright glaring its bright light at the user’s eyes.

Another big distinction is content. The Glyph headset allows the users to play 3-D virtual reality games by using head-tracking sensors. Avegant is initially targeting the person who has to sit in at an airplane who is desperately looking to kill time before they reach their destination.

Along, with its HDMI port and the right cables, the Glyph headset should be able to display content from phones, tablets, computers, and games.

There is also an audio mode that allows owners to use it as a normal pair of headphones, Tang said.

The Glyph headset is slated for an autumn 2015 launch at $599, with pre-orders running until that release at $499.