Want to see Siri in action? Check out the latest video from Stuff.tv.

Apple’s demos of the new iPhone 4S’ Siri smart assistant are very impressive, but they’re just controlled demos. Stuff.tv got their hands on an iPhone 4S and played quite a bit with in a public place. It’s still very impressive.

It looks like they were playing with it at the Apple Store in Camden Town, with quite a bit of noise in the background. Not New York subway level noise, but noisy enough. It worked great all the time. The people tone is pretty natural.

But the question is still the same: would you be like Captain Kirk or Picard and bark orders to your phone in public?

If you haven’t dropped everything to watch the video yet – do it now! We think you’ll be pretty impressed. Let us know your first impressions in the comments below.

Source: Gizmodo