MSP Marketing Success

The Value Of Public Relations

MSP marketing can be challenging, but there are ways to curtail costs while simultaneously increasing exposure. One of those ways involves utilizing PR techniques. Public Relations differ from traditional advertising methods in that PR is generally about giving the public a positive exposition of a given company, rather than a product. PR also functions as a kind of free means of showcasing the company.

Obtaining Positive Public Perception Naturally

There is no shortage of non-profit organizations. Many need IT support, but affording it is practically impossible for them — it’s all in the “nonprofit” moniker. But if your company decides to render assistance, not only does this help such a non-profit organization solve their IT troubles, it will likely get you a write up in the local paper. Since most modern media outlets today are digitally conveyed, this means such a humanitarian move in favor of a non-profit stands to gain the company who has made it exceptional exposure. Additionally, you don’t have to provide free services perpetually. As the nonprofit grows in its outreach, it may be able to sustain the costs of your services over time. Also, it may be able to work in a trade agreement with you that continually advances your MSP company. The marketing value of this alone could very likely recoup the cost of your services. Imagine a non-profit agency specializing in public outreach that has a “powered by X-group” tag on all public IT materials.

Once you’ve given away services like this to a non-profit, you’ll get a rash of positive PR. The next thing you can do is offer free service to a second high-profile client in your target vertical. This MSP marketing step will give you two reputable clients that you can use for a variety of things. They can provide you with positive testimonials and other exchanges. Having them on your list of clients will help you secure other clients in your target vertical, and ensure continual operation.

The Value Of The Exchange

Not all substantive gain is strictly monetary. In business, there are many ways to trade products or services for products or services. Imagine, for example, that your MSP provides minimal computer support for a local sandwich shop down the lane, in return for the occasional free luncheon. Finding ways to provide services publicly such that other possible clients become more savvy to your services is a great way to win new clients. But there are other ways to increase business through offered services which are worth considering.

Giving Away Specific Services

Sometimes a client needs services, but doesn’t realize it. You know through depth of experience that, for example, having some form of backup is fundamentally essential to continually sustainable operations. Your client may not see the value in it. But you know they’ll need these services eventually. So you can, for a limited time, offer those services free of charge. Have it be for a period on the contract wherein statistically a crash is going to happen anyway. Then when it does, you come in and fix everything for free, and the client now doesn’t caterwaul when you offer a slightly higher service contract that includes that which they thought they could do without. Because make no mistake: if a client experiences a system crash and has no support, they’re going to look to your group to help them get back on track. If you’re working under a contract that has no backup included, it’s going to cost you anyway. Since you know the inevitable is going to happen, there’s no reason not to save face when it does and get a good recommendation from your client in the process. Such measures can definitely help rope in additional clients.

Establishing Your MSP

MSP marketing for many MSPs can be an annoying chore. But when you’re starting out, you don’t have a lot of time to experiment with techniques that have yet to be properly vetted. Entering into a partnership with a non-profit organization looks good from a PR standpoint, and can substantively increase the community’s regard for you while simultaneously providing you with a high-profile customer. If you really want to up the ante, involve other non-profits who don’t require IT services; like the local homeless shelter. Let your business be a drop-off point for food items, or something of that ilk. This is, again, free publicity that makes your company look really good in the local community, and besides which actually helps people who need it. To review:

  • Give away specific services when necessary
  • Provide free services to non-profits
  • Provide free services to your 2nd high-profile client in your target vertical
  • Partner with local organizations

Following techniques like these will increase your standing in the community, and should increase your clientele over time.