Want to see the latest iPhone 4S in action? Rumor has it a video was uploaded demonstrating some of the latest features including one of iHospital’s favorites – Siri.  Have you watched it?

A video detailing the working of an actual iPhone 4S was uploaded by Macrumours, who sourced it from AppW.com. The unofficial video shows a user, not an Apple employee, demonstrating the yet unreleased iPhone 4S. How someone got hold of the smartphone before its official release is a mystery but the demo has raised expectations from Apple like never before.

The popular video showcases Siri, Apple’s impressive voice recognition software, among other things. From the looks of it, Siri is the nextbestthing in the mobile world, promising to quickly become a user’s best friend.

According to the video, Siri can be activated in 2 simple ways, either by pressing the home key or by holding the phone to the ear and speaking into it. The voice input works through Raise to Speak and language settings make it easy to customise Siri for each user. Users can choose between American English, British English, Australian English, French and German from the phone & language settings. Voice Feedback ensures that the software works just the way one desires it to.

The iPhone 4S, powered by the iOS 5, scored an impressive 44856 on BrowserMark, the video showed. This makes Apple’s latest smartphone twice as fast as its predecessor. It’s not surprising then, that Apple sold 1 millionunits of the iPhone 4S within the first 24 hours of its launch.

After the initial disappointment over the no-show of the iPhone 5 died down, Apple loyalists and the rest of the world started giving the iPhone 4S a second look. If this online video is anything to go by, the smartphone is definitely going to carve a niche for itself and raise the bar for competing devices. The iPhone 4S is indeed ready to take on the world.

We want your opinion! Have you searched online for the rumored video yet? If so, what do you think of it?

Source: MSNNewsiPhone 4SdemoExciteswithSiriandanImpressiveBrowserBenchmark