Verizon FiOSRecently, Jessie Nuez and I were connected by Verizon FiOS and they asked us if we wanted be part of a trial program. As I mentioned on Business2Community last week — I am a huge fan of Verizon FiOS so I jumped at the opportunity.

Unfortunately, we do not have the upgraded service yet — the installation will occur on July 3rd. And I am rather excited — yes because we are being upgraded to the Ultimate Package but more so because we are getting a new router. Listen, I am a geek so shinny things excite me.

Ultimate Package Breakdown

  • New Triple Play
  • FiOS Digital Voice Unlimited
  • FiOS TV Ultimate HD
  • Movie Package Ultimate HD
  • HBO
  • FiOS Internet 150/65

The Channels

I was speaking to Jessie last night and we are thinking really hard on what to do with all that bandwidth.

We still have no clue but we will figure something out. In the meantime, the Ultimate HD package includes a massive inventory of channels — specifically 435 channels and 125 HD channels. Our current plan is Extreme HD and that plan only has 362 channels and 89 HD channels — so the difference in programming is significant.

I just went through the Ultimate HD channel line-up and I found a number of channels that I would like to see:

  • Cars.TV
  • Pets.TV
  • My Destination.TV
  • MGM HD

Call To Action

If you had FiOS Internet access of 150/65 what would you do with all that bandwidth?