What Is an Ultrabook?

Ultrabooks were introduced by Intel in 2011 to help combine the features of mobility and performance and help fill the void between high performance laptops, which are often large and bulky, and tablets, which are portable, but traditionally not suited for heavy business use. Ultrabooks are light, sleek, and powerful computers capable of handling almost any application. A key component of an ultrabook is the solid state drive (SSD), which is more energy efficient than a traditional hard drive and can go from sleep mode to resume in around 5 seconds, something that tablet users have loved. They are also designed to be taken with you as you go. It is no secret PC shipments are at an all time low, while tablets continue to grow in popularity. Simply put, ultrabooks are slim, portable laptops that often come with touch technology enabling you to use the things you love about your tablet yet still have the capability to be a business machine. So how can your business benefit from the features of an Ultrabook?

Build a Better Business with Ultrabooks

Taking advantage of the these ultra-mobile devices has empowered mobile employees by giving them the flexibility and power to work in almost any environment. Everyone from sales teams to fleet employees are benefiting from longer battery life and quick boot times. Working while waiting at the airport or taking the train is simple and enables team members to take advantage of “found time” in environments that would normally be difficult to work in.

Mobile Workforce

Convertible devices that can transition from laptop to tablet mode with the flip of the screen give employees the ability to read emails easily with touch scrolling, then reply with a keyboard rather than the clunky finger punching they have to use with tablets. Powered by Windows 8, these devices take advantage of simple task-oriented applications that can help speed up processes. For example, many touch capable devices are being used to quickly gather potential customer contact information at expos and conferences. Those leads can then be followed up with easily in desktop mode. With a full keyboard and trackpad, crafting an email or creating a presentation is simple and the high definition screen makes for a perfect mobile-pitch display. Longer battery life gives team members the flexibility to stay unplugged yet productive while moving from meeting to implementation without hunting for power outlets and carrying cords.

There are hundreds of ways business are implementing ultrabooks into their technology portfolio. You can learn about the best ultrabooks from Dell here.

Choosing the Best Ultrabook

Deciding on the best ultrabook for your business is not easy. You need to identify how you plan to use the machine and what your budget is. I would start to narrow down the marketplace with a few simple questions:

  • Do I need a touchscreen device?
  • How big of display do I need?
  • How much hard drive space do I need?

Knowing whether or not you need a touchscreen device can help you eliminate dozens of devices that either do not have what you want. If you mostly work at a desk connected to an external monitor, you can probably get by with an 11 to 13 inch display. However if you know you will work a lot while on the go, you may want to opt for a larger display in the 15 to 17 inch range. I personally use a 15 inch display, which is perfect for working on my lap, yet small enough to keep the overall weight of the machine down.

Most business professionals only need a limited amount of space to store documents and files. If you company uses network attached storage or cloud based backup you can opt for a device with just an SSD. Many ultrabooks come equipped with SSD and traditional hard drive space so that users who need more than 120 GB can save money by using a machine that has a slower, yet less expensive hard drive.

Ultrabook Reviews

Take the time to read through reviews. Sites like PC Magazine, CNet, and others give comprehensive reviews and rate computers accordingly. Check YouTube to see videos of the ultrabook you want in action as people use it. Last but not least, go to a retailer and give it a test drive. Will you feel comfortable using this during the day while you work? Is it portable enough to benefit your self and mobile employees?

How about you? Tell us what you’re using in your business below.