At the end of 2013 Twitter unveiled ‘Tailored Audiences’ for ad retargeting. Tailored Audiences is Twitter’s version of retargeting, in which they allow businesses to target ads on Twitter at users who are in their customer base or who have already visited their websites. Now Twitter has announced a major mobile expansion so that businesses will be able to target ads based on activity inside mobile apps also.

This means publishers and developers can detect who their ads have already been shown to and prevent them from showing up for people who have already installed the app.

Alternatively they could also direct ads to target specifically those who have installed their app but didn’t make a purchase.

Earlier this year Twitter launched mobile app install and engagement ads. Their mobile app promotion ads take users to app downloads or the apps themselves if they have already been installed which is done through a deep link.

Along with the mobile app install ad, the company unveiled a new cost-per-app-click pricing metric for the unit and a new dashboard to track usage. For the publishers, the CPAC pricing means they will only be charged when a user actually goes to Google Play or the App Store from the ad, or when the app is opened by the user directly from Twitter.

In the future Twitter plans to drive deeper integration between Twitter and MoPub, a hosted ad serving solution for mobile publishers, to extend mobile app promotion further.

In app engagement campaigns tailored audiences can be used from mobile apps to connect with users at specific stages of your app marketing funnel. This is a new way on Twitter for advertisers to create targetable audience segments based on mobile app actions.

Although the numbers aren’t as big as Facebook, the mobile game Dots used the app install ads to promote their new version of the app called TwoDots and as a result saw over 1 million app installs from the trial.