Marketing is something all business owners must do in order to get noticed. There are many ways to do it such as:

Advertising — Pay per click, banner ads, print ads are all good ways to market yourself.

Blogging on your website — If you don’t have a blog on your website you should!

Guest Blogging — Offer your content to others within your market or who are complementary to your market.

Article Marketing — Write general articles about your niche and post them on article marketing sites such as Ezine

Creating eBook & eReports — Offering free or paid eBooks and eReports via direct sale via a sales page, or free if someone signs up for a newsletter.

(Many of these and more are covered in the ultimate guide to promotion, check it out!)

But the fact is, no matter how much you are doing now, you probably want to reach even more people within your target market.

Today, if you want to reach more people than you’re reaching now, a sure fire way is to publish your existing eBooks on Kindle and Nook. It’s not hard to do!

You will need to change the formatting of the eBooks and eReports you have published elsewhere to fit the guidelines that Kindle and the Nook have but that can be done in a matter of hours, especially if you use templates designed to make it easy. Usually, it only takes about 48 hours to get approval once you upload your eBooks.

Book publishing has long been a way to promote yourself and your other products and services. Now, it’s just easier and you have a huge audience at your disposal on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. These two companies have garnered a certain amount of trust with the public already, therefore you will automatically be considered more trustworthy when your books are available for download on the Amazon Kindle or Barnes & Noble’s Nook.

You can use all the features of each to promote yourself and your business. Fill out your Author’s profile completely, provide all the information they seek. Consider every word you write in order to look good to your target audience. Put forth a professional book. A well designed book cover will sell your book, but well thought-out content will sell your additional products and services, because people will seek you out for more.

Use the description area for your eBooks to their utmost, it’ll take some thought because you don’t have much space. At the writing of this article there are only 4000 characters for the eBook description for Kindle authors. Don’t forget to use your table of contents too because these will be visible to potential buyers of your eBooks.

Prepare marketing materials for your books. Use to create a “book trailer” just like a movie trailer giving an overview of your book. Simply use your table of contents to help you create your book trailer. When creating your marketing materials never forget your target audience. Answer the questions: Who, What, When, Why, Where, and How in all your marketing materials. Want to learn more about publishing and marketing a Kindle book? Check out Kindle Revolutions.

People want to know who your book is for, what type of book it is, why you wrote it, and where and how they can get it. Additionally try to create a 30 second elevator speech about your book. It is likely someone will ask you about your book, can you explain it, in 30 seconds? Keep your marketing message consistent throughout all your efforts to promote yourself and your book.