Most of the businesses acquire free 800 numbers to attract new clients while keeping their existing ones. By utilizing toll-free phone numbers, businesses provide their clients and even business partners with a means of free communication. The business that maintains a toll-free line pays all services costs associated with the line, instead. So if you’re still wondering why a small business should get a toll free numbers and include it in its advertising channels, here are a few good reasons:

Easy to Obtain and Cost Effective

Many years ago, before you can get free 800 numbers, you first need to settle a lot of requirements and other documents with the local phone service provider. But now, with the new system and technology that many phone service providers such as RingCentral and Skype offer, you can skip that long term contracts, including the expensive monthly phone bills, and the long wait to acquire a new number. You can easily set it up with the use of the virtual phone number service. If you choose to have a free 800 number through a VoIP service, expect to pay a very low monthly bill with your subscription. Moreover, you don’t have to wait long enough for your number. It will only take a few minutes from your time and you can already use your new number. You can also experience other advanced features that comes with the 800 number.

Increase customers’ response rates

The most important reason why companies use toll free numbers is that consumers respond better to their advertisement especially on their product or service. We know for a fact that every industry and advertisement differs from one another. But an advertisement with a toll free number is more effective than those without a toll free number.

Simple Campaign Tracking

Large companies have the ability to determine the effect of their advertisement on their business sales. However for small scale business companies with limited employees and budget, it may be too expensive for them to do this. But, thanks to the latest technologies there are now virtual phone services will help you determine the effectiveness of your advertisements. They use phone details such as date and time of the call, duration of the call, and caller ID information. By doing this, they can determine if these calls are brought by your business flyers, signage, print ads, or other advertisements.

Accurate Caller ID Details

One of the little known advantages of using a toll free 800 numbers is its ability to capture details of callers even with blocked caller IDs. It is possible for someone to turn on a caller ID blocking feature, but the 800 number allows companies to still see the callers’ information and even make a return call. It also provides you with reliable call logs and accurate numbers to get back to people when you can’t understand the message that was left in voice mailbox.

There are more that the 800 number can provide for your business. These are just some few reasons why you should avail free 800 numbers. But before anything else, you need to choose wisely your possible service provider. Remember that you will subscribe to experience the benefits of a free 800 phone numbers, so might as well choose the best among the rest.