New Year is fast approaching and when you enter 2014 you expect more innovative wireless networking trends to create huge impact on the business world. This year, the demand for enterprise Wifi begun with more companies accepting Bring Your Own Device or BYOD initiatives as well as new techniques compatible for these devices. The following are the top Wi-FI trends that you can expect to witness in the coming year.

Wi-Fi Trends

802.11 Wi-fi ac will create the buzz!

The new 802.11ac standard is the call of the season. It represents a basic change in innovation of 802.11 standard protocols that boost gigabit speeds during wireless networking. This protocol increases performance of all the 802.11 ac devices by delivering more than one gigabit every second. It can also boost speed for older devices. Another benefit of using this protocol is that this huge improvement for Wi-fi may still work with current gigabit Ethernet network. The new Wi-fi moves beyond normal gigabit speed and it requires broader network upgrade for supporting fast backhaul for wireless AP (Access Point).

Wonderful Wi-Fi centric Location Analytics:

Earlier the location specific service technologies received huge attention. The reason was that a large number of people used diverse Wi-Fi devices such as laptops, smartphones as well as tablets. From retail, healthcare to hospital industries, the whole spectrum of business world were making use of location centric service models. The year 2014 promises more for the enterprises. Wi-Fi specific location analytics play a big role for the organization to improve business intelligence, determine security policy as well as improved customer Wi-Fi experience. You must expect Wi-Fi to offer more than just internet accessibility. The users will definitely look for more site- specific applications.

Cloud Wi-Fi for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs):

Initially the enterprises were not willing to deploy wireless LAN or WLAN since they did not have adequate manpower and also run on tight budge. Till 2013, SMEs can either go for expensive, high end as well as complicated enterprise WLAN network or also avail cost-effective featureless Wi-Fi.  In 2014, the scenario may undergo a sea change. The cloud solutions for the Wi-Fi services and management will offer high quality enterprise techniques for SMEs and that too at affordable rates.

Wi-Fi Hotspot experience!

As the name suggests, hotspot is the node for wireless local area network required for internet connection as well as virtual private network accessibility from specific location for the users of equipment with wireless connection. Throughout this year equipment suppliers widely promote hotspot technology to the businesses.   In 2014, enterprises expect something more. They can enjoy Wi-Fi connection to turn Wireless LAN into a full-fledged profit centre.

Since the users want Wi-Fi networking access, the opportunity will definitely emerge for the enterprise to whole sale the current WLAN capacity to their clients and charge them recurring fee for access. Enterprise wireless LANs involve huge amount of capital as well operational expenses and this Hotspot node provides the enterprises the scope to gain maximum ROI (return on Investment) and secure constant revenues.

Software Defined Networks shifts to the enterprise network for better application experience:

The applications run effectively if the network can adapt to the applications and also the traffic running on them. However the capacity to prioritize as well as optimize diverse data traffic has already gained popularity over the years. To enjoy instant visibility as well as adjust wired as well as WLAN infrastructure and optimize delivery of the mobile applications becomes crucial for business and their customers.

This year, the software specific architecture is commonly used in the core infrastructure to handle huge data influx and also for extensive service requirements.  In the coming year, SDN (Software Defined Network) may play a huge role in the premise of an enterprise where the mobility may be used to set up different policies across wired as well as wireless networks. With this defined technology, mobile networking will be more dynamic thereby adapting to the changing conditions as well as specific application requirements. As a result the enterprise gets better productivity from employees and also increases usage by the customers.

In the beginning of 2014, the mobile networking can occupy the center stage in technology initiatives in the enterprise. You may see the increasing demand of enterprises for wireless networking like never before. You can also witness that the technological advancement continues to rise to a great extent.

Now Wi-Fi will go social!

Social networking applications for Facebook, Google+ and Twitter filter each and every interaction that you can make on the social media on daily basis. Additional services, subscriptions as well as applications are emerging that also compel you to register using your social identity. In the year 2014, you may extend to Wi-Fi that allow you to log into the network using the social credentials.

Wireless technology continues to expand the convenience and has definitely improved your lifestyle.